Why is Choosing a Used Car Best for New Drivers?

Cars reflect their drivers. If you’re a new driver, it’s important that you feel at home in any car you buy, as they’re big investments to make that take up a lot of time as well as money. Still, some people will waltz into the dealership with a lengthy criterion that their perfect car must meet, but others aren’t quite so fortunate.


However, this isn’t to say that putting up with a used car is always a bad deal. Ultimately, there’s opportunity in humility. Here’s why choosing a used car can be best for new drivers.

More Affordable

Obviously, most new drivers are very young. They are at least 17 by law, though there’s reportedly been a 21% decrease in 17-21-year olds taking their test in the last nine years due to rising insurance costs, extortionate fees slapped on younger drivers. Most of them are strapped for cash as is, and if this is you then being asked to buy a brand-new car is, well, completely unrealistic.

You’re outpriced, and though things are getting pricier, used cars are still undeniably cheaper than new cars. The value of a car dives down as soon as it leaves the dealer’s lot, and stoops down lower just a year after too. Therefore, not every car is an old banger on the verge of falling apart. Though there’s a risk in needing more costly repairs, there is also potential for bargain material in a used car.

More Wiggle Room

The more affordable prices don’t just fall out of thin air. Yes, haggling is a perfect possibility in the used car arena. Puff out your chest and raise your negotiating game, because speaking the right words could mean saving yourself some serious amounts of money. After all, used cars tend to be a bit more roughed up and they also pile up too, so dealers need to shift the stock quick and fast to make room for more.

When exploring the dealership for a car you’d like, look out for cars that have been there for a while by seeing which ones are already discounted. Perhaps even ask the dealer how long it’s been on their lot, and they’ll probably tell you upfront if they’re keen to get rid of it. Exploit that sense of desperation. If you suggest a lower price here, you are far, far likelier to succeed than you would with a new car!

Building Awareness

There’s something comforting about having access to the history of the car you’re buying. You can check it’s been properly maintained by previous owners, whether it has a criminal history, and just generally if you’re onto a bargain or a bust. Making a big investment demands a lot of awareness and knowing what you’re buying before you hand any money over is a big plus.  

For you as a new driver, this is an opportunity to learn. As well as selling quality used cars, AA provide detailed information on all their stock, offering knowledge as well as strong deals. Drink in this material. You will discover more about how cars work, what problems to look out for, what minor problems you can fix yourself. After all, a bit of education is better than becoming a bit of a lemon when a new car breaks down a few years after purchase.