Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas

When you start to plan a bachelorette party, you probably have many visions in your head. You may see everyone wearing personalized bridal party robes or going out dancing to fancy clubs. Regardless of what you do, you’ll need some unique ideas to get the brainstorming started.

Winery or Brewery Trip

If the bride loves wine or beer, going on a tour of some wineries or breweries is a fun way to celebrate her. You could rent a limo or bus for the day, or you could explore some more unique options. For example, many communities are now offering pedaling tours. All of you would ride on a structure that resembles a union of a bike and a bar. While someone is driving the vehicle, all of you are pedaling.

Art Projects

Painting or doing ceramics have become popular activities for a night out with the girls. Many of these venues allow you to rent out a private space. You could have a private instructor for a painting class, or you might be able to pick out your own ceramic pieces to design. Find out if the venue allows you to purchase food and drinks there or if you are allowed to bring in your own.

Game Night

Some women are not looking to go out at all for their bachelorette parties. They would rather have a night in with their friends. You can all don matching monogrammed robes for a sleepover at the bride’s house or if the bride does not have the space or if you don’t want her troubled with preparing the house, offer to have it at your place instead. Bring in all of the bride’s favorite games, drinks and snacks. This type of party may work best for a smaller crowd where everyone gets the chance to talk to one another.


Going out for dinner is a regular party of many bachelorette parties; however, you can make it more exciting by going out for some fondue instead. Trying a fondue restaurant means that you’ll likely get to sample an array of cheese and chocolates. This type of dinner is also more interactive, and it can help guests who haven’t met before feel more comfortable around one another. At the end of the dinner, you might plan for everyone to hang out at the bar for awhile or to go out for a night in the city.

Spa Day


Plenty of women think of going to the spa before the bachelorette or as an early part of the bachelorette party, but they don’t necessarily think of it as the entire celebration. Finding a spa that has features like a hot tub and a pool means that you can plan a day of pampering for your friend’s bachelorette party.

The opportunity to plan a bachelorette party allows you to get creative. Taking the suggestions of the bride into account is an important part of this project. If she is stumped trying to think of ideas, you can suggest these possibilities to her.