Top foods for keeping your organs healthy

You will be well aware of how important it is to keep healthy. While most of the focus can rest on your external appearance, it is just as key to think about your major internal organs. Taking the necessary steps to keep them healthy will allow you to live a longer and more vibrant life. The food that you eat is key in this regard and something to consider.


Your heart is naturally vital for life and pumping the blood around your body to where it is needed.

How can you use your diet to look after it? The best foods for the heart will not only help to keep it working as it should but will also prevent any diseases or furring of the arteries. These include fish high in omega 3 oils, such as mackerel and herring. Other great foods for your heart are berries, tomatoes, oranges and spinach. Even a small glass of red wine has been found to have positive effects!


The liver is a real workhorse within your body and one of the largest organs. It has the job of dealing with fat breakdown, helping with blood clotting, producing bile, and dealing with a variety of substances that your body takes in. Naturally, a healthy liver is key for life.

The best foods for your liver are ones that don’t put any undue strain on it and actually make its job easier. That is why alcohol is bad for it! Olive oil, nuts, grapes and blueberries are the kinds of food that will keep it happy.


The kidneys are two bean-shaped organs that help filter waste and excess water from your blood. As such, they are also vital in you staying healthy and alive. If your kidneys are not working as they should, then the waste products stay in your blood and will cause illness.

One great tip here is to drink plenty of water each day as this helps them greatly. In terms of food, the best types include apples, kale, strawberries and sweet potatoes. If you have any concerns over your kidney function, then it is best to get them tested to be sure. A renal function panel test will help to determine your renal function and tell you if you need to seek treatment or look at your diet in relation to your kidneys.


No one could exist without a functioning brain powering them along. The brain is key for picking up the signals from your body and then putting them into action. To keep a healthy brain, you should try eating turmeric, broccoli, pumpkin seeds and dark chocolate. By eating foods like this, you should find that your memory and brain power improve.

Organ health should not be forgotten

Humans are visual animals, so you may find it hard to focus on your internal organ health as you cannot see them. This is a big mistake though as they play a crucial role in being able to live and perform the most basic functions. Eating the right kind of food is a simple and quick way to help keep them healthy.