Tips for Eating Well at Each Meal this Summer

Summer is a time of high temptation when many people forget to eat well and instead start to indulge their sweet tooth. While there is nothing wrong with enjoying the odd treat or sugary snack, it is still important to feed your body well, and eat a nutritious and balanced diet; a good diet is key to keeping your body functioning at its highest capacity, enabling brain function well and improving general health and wellbeing. If you are unsure of what foods to have throughout the day during the hot weather, then here are some meal tips to give you a bit of inspiration, and help you stay as healthy as you can this summer.


During the summer months when the weather is warm it can be nice to eat foods which are cool and light, especially early in the morning; which is why your breakfast meal provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy fresh fruits and other natural produce. You could try making a fruit salad, which can just be stored in the refrigerator and used as needed, and top it with natural yogurt and muesli, to give it a bit more nutritional balance. Alternatively, you could get the same nutritional value from a homemade smoothie, which is easy to have on the go if you are busy.


The midday meal is something which a lot of people don’t get to enjoy at home, meaning they need something which travels well and is easy to prepare in advance. Keeping your lunch healthy doesn’t mean having to eat salads every day; there are plenty of options out there which are quick and easy to prepare, and that will go down a treat when you are stuck in the office. For example, when not try a chicken burrito wrap or even a burrito bowl which has all of the same great tastes without the added tortilla wrap. Just add all of the basic ingredients into some reusable containers, and you’re good to go.


Summer is the height of the barbeque season when everyone starts craving burgers and hotdogs for dinner. While cooking food on the barbeque isn’t actually bad for you in itself, it is the foods that people choose to eat which tend to cause issues. Not only that but barbequing on a regular basis isn’t ideal, as you aren’t getting as much variation in your diet. Therefore, it is important to try and find healthier alternatives which still have that summer feel, such as this Cajun chicken burger recipe.


Snacking may be the one thing which people find hardest to avoid during summer, as there are so many tempting treats available, particularly ice creams. However, if you feel the desire to have a snack, it doesn’t have to be something unhealthy! You could try making your own fruit ice pops to have at home or look for healthy alternatives which are easy to eat on the move.