Things You Need to Know Before You Visiting Uganda Gorilla Safaris


Gorilla safaris in Uganda are extremely popular among people who live in all parts of the world. If you are looking forward to enjoy an unforgettable holiday in Uganda, you are strongly encouraged to go ahead and take part in gorilla safaris. However, there are some important tips, which you will need to keep in mind when you are going on Uganda gorilla safaris. Then you will be provided with the opportunity to overcome hassle and frustration in the long run.

Before you go out on the gorilla safari

In case if you are carrying a heavy backpack on the gorilla safari, you are strongly encouraged to seek the assistance of a porter. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get the service of a porter. You will only have to spend around $10 or $20 for the entire day.  Then you will be provided with a hassle free experience. For example, the porter will take care of your heavy backpack and you will be provided with the opportunity to slide and slip, without worrying over anything. This will also provide a tremendous assistance to you with ensuring the safety of the belongings that you have, such as your camera. Most importantly, you will be able to keep your hands free, which can provide a tremendous support to you while you go on the gorilla safari.

You can also find a walking stick before you go on the tour. It will also provide a tremendous assistance to you throughout the journey. Heavy rains can come at any time while you are exploring the jungles of Uganda. Therefore, you should take an umbrella or a raincoat. Then you will also be able to protect your camera and capture fascinating shots on the go. To make the life easy, you can spend your money to purchase long trousers and reliable hiking boots.

When looking for the gorillas

When you are looking for the gorillas after setting out on the gorilla safari, you are strongly encouraged to keep your voices low as much as possible. Otherwise, you will be eliminating all the chances that you have in order to come across gorillas. The guide will take you to the exact destinations where gorillas can be found. Therefore, you don’t have to do any research on your own. All you have to do is to follow the instructions given out by the guide. Once you are taken to the destination, you will need to follow the trial of gorillas in order to locate them. In the meantime, you can keep an eye on the nesting of gorillas as well.

You need to be careful to take all the rubbish along with you when coming back. Hence, it is important for you to prepare according to that as well. Whatever you take into the forest needs to be taken back. Usually, you will be allowed to take part in the gorilla safaris as groups. However, there are no big groups. A group will be limited maximum to six individuals. That’s because the smaller sized groups will reduce the behavioral disturbance that the gorillas will have to face. On the other hand, they will be provided with enhanced protection against the human borne illnesses.

When you are with the gorillas

When you are seeing the gorillas, it is important to maintain a safe distance of at least 5 meters. You are doing this in order to provide enhanced protection to the gorillas against human borne illnesses. On the other hand, the gorillas will be able to stay calm and relaxed with your company.

If you are spending your time near a group of gorillas, you will need to stay in a tight group. You will need to keep the voices down as much as possible. But this doesn’t mean that you should refrain from asking questions from your guide. You can clarify all the doubts from your guide by asking questions in a low tone.

When you are spending time near the gorillas, you shouldn’t eat or drink anything. In such a situation, there is a high possibility for the droplets to fall. This increases the risk of gorillas getting infected significantly. There are instances where the gorillas charge. In such instances, you just need to follow your guide. Your guide will also ask you not to take a look at the gorillas directly on their eyes. You will need to wait until they pass. During such instances, you shouldn’t take any pictures as well. Most importantly, you shouldn’t run away. When you run, you will be increasing the risk.

You shouldn’t take a flasher along with you when you are going on the gorilla safari. In fact, flash photography is not permitted. Hence, you will need to keep the flasher of your phone or camera switched off as well. You will also have to keep in mind that only duration of one hour will be provided to you in order to spend time with the gorillas. In case if the gorillas become nervous or agitated with your presence, you will be asked to finish the safari early. Even after the visit, you will need to keep your voices low as much as possible. You can start talking in your usual tone once you are at least 200m away from the gorillas. Your guide will be able to help you with that.

You will need to keep all these tips in your mind when getting ready to go on the gorilla safari. If you can keep these in mind, there is a high possibility for you to end the journey with a bunch of exciting memories. You will love the time that you have spent in the presence of gorillas as well. On the other hand, you will be able to come out without experiencing any hassle.