The Best 3 Cities For Apartment Living

Living in an apartment can be quite stifling. If you live in an area with not much happening around then your space will just feel limiting and small. However, if you live in a vibrant city then your apartment size won’t matter as the city is your living room and entertainment center. 

When you can walk to work, go to cultural events, take in a movie, and hang out in a local park in the nice weather, you won’t be spending much time at home anyway. That is what city living is all about. 

If you are looking for that lifestyle then you have to choose your city wisely. An apartment downtown that clears out as soon as the sun goes down is not going to cut it. You need to find a quirky and lively city to move to for the right experience. For the sake of this article, we will leave out the obvious cities like NYC, LA and Chicago and focus on some of the smaller cities that offer a lot. 

1 – Charleston, SC

It’s small in size, but big on charm. That’s Charleston the city in the Low Country of the South. It has loads of Antebellum architecture so you can end up in a historic condo with lots of character. But, since it is a growing city there are also lots of new, luxurious residences like these waterfront luxury apartments in Charleston SC. In other words there is something for every taste.

Having the waterfront on your doorstep offers a lot of activities from dining with a view to fishing and of course beaches nearby. 

The city is known for its hospitality so making friends for a social circle is easy and will have you out and being active with cultural events, music and of course lots of Southern cuisine.

2 – Boston, MA

Boston, or the Hub of the Universe as locals like to call it, is home to more universities than any other city in the US. this gives it a vibrant atmosphere that provides a lot of action. 

There are world-class restaurants, lots of quirky neighborhoods like Southie and the Italian North End. 

There are a lot of different industries located downtown so you are surely going to be able to walk for your morning and afternoon commute. It is a walkable city with all kinds of amenities within reach.

It is also a waterfront city so aquatic activities are never far away. And it has one of the best urban park systems in the country with the crown jewels being the Boston Common and Public Gardens. 

3 – Austin, TX

For city living with a Texan twang you have to get to Austin. There is a lively music scene that is unrivaled anywhere in the US that caters to every musical taste. If you live downtown then you can see a different genre of music every night of the week.

The Tex Mes food there is second to none. The vibe overall is slightly hipster but at the same time rooted in good old texas culture. In fact, the motto of the city is Keep Austin Weird