Styling Your Windows: How to Have Privacy and Sunlight

After the location and living accommodation that a property offers, one of the most influential features that homebuyers prioritise is the amount of natural daylight that the property enjoys. Properties that have an abundance of natural daylight have been found to reduce stress, enhance feelings of well-being and boost the mood of its occupants.

In spite of windows being so important to the feel and ambience of the home, people are often unsure how to dress them; not only to complement the interior design scheme but to allow the valuable light into the room.

This dilemma is even more of an issue if you live in an urban environment. High buildings and structures can limit the amount of daylight that your home has access to, but there can also be an additional source of conflict – passing pedestrians looking into your home as they walk by.

What can you do to maintain daylight entering the home and protect privacy?

You have a couple of solutions that you can consider:


  • Voile Curtains


Voile curtains are a window treatment that allows daylight through into the room and yet protects privacy at the same time. You can get a vast collection of voile curtains to choose from, with different colours and patterns that can be selected to complement your interiors scheme. Created using barely-there fabric, voile curtains can be an elegant addition to any room.

If you hold a voile curtain up to your face, it’s possible to be able to see through it. While this means that you allow light into the room, the light will be filtered and not have the clarity of rooms which favour traditional, heavy curtains. However, they do offer little privacy. People often get around this issue by pairing their chosen voile curtains with traditional opaque curtains, for a more styled look, but also for privacy after dark when they can draw the heavier curtains.

How can I style voile curtains?

When you are selecting voile curtains to complement your room’s interiors, you need to think about the ambience that you are trying to create.

For a seamless interior style, match them to the dominant colour of the walls. This works best for light colours, but remember, you want your room to have as much natural light as possible. Choose shades of white that will reflect the light around the room. There are many shades of white to choose from; creamy tones that add a touch of warmth through to very pale greys which have a distinctive and contemporary feel. Avoid stark white: while this will certainly allow the light to bounce off the walls, it can make a room feel cold.

You may want to make a more dramatic statement with your voile curtains and make them more of a feature. This flair works particularly well with walls that are painted with high-pigment paints such as deep reds and blues. If you opt for this style, you are best to keep your chosen voiles a clean white colour to create a contrast.

To provide after dark privacy to your room, you will need to pair your voile curtains with traditional opaque curtains. The drapes can be used to frame your window further. Other than the colour of the walls, curtains make the biggest impact on the room, so make your choice wisely. A patterned opaque curtain can be used to add visual interest into a room with a solid colour palette.   


  • Shutters


Shutters are another option that you should consider. They offer a flexible solution for you to control the amount of light that you let into the room. Unlike voile curtains, the quality of the light that enters the room is unadulterated, unless of course, your windows are dirty!

Voiles cover the whole of the window, but shutters provide a flexible solution for letting the light into your home. Made-to-measure shutter blinds like those offered at can be installed to the complete frame or lower half of the window to provide privacy from prying eyes without affecting the quality of the light in the room. These blinds can also protect your furniture’s fabrics from being faded by direct sunlight without restricting the daylight in your room.

By adding shutters to any room, you can effectively increase the insulation within the room, making them ideal for keeping rooms warm and cosy in every season. Furthermore, shutters are an investment piece; they retain their value over a number of years, rather than needing to be frequently replaced due to a high level of use causing them to lose their sleek appearance.  

How can I style shutters?

Shutters can be used in a variety of interior schemes. If you edge towards a modern and contemporary interiors scheme, they need no further dressing, but you can choose to have them made in a colour of your choice to either blend or dramatically contrast with your interiors scheme.

For bedrooms, shutters not only help to darken the room when it’s still light and sunny outside for a better night of sleep, but they can also create a romantic and elegant window treatment, or a modern, sleek style. By choosing versatile shutters as your bedroom window treatment, it allows you to have function and form, without having to compromise on your personal style.

Shutters are a great way of introducing texture to a room, regardless of colour or style. Furthermore, whether you opt for café style or full-length, shutters add a touch of luxe to any room. The sleek lines of the slats work in harmony with the décor scheme of your choice, to add a modern twist to even a traditional setting. There is a wide variety of choice with shutters ranges, from natural wooden shutters to high-quality plastic shutters, ideal for rooms which see high levels of condensation and humidity. It’s key to remember that every detail can add to the impact of your interior scheme.

Your home’s interior scheme reflects your individual style, but it should also give you a sense of wellbeing. Rather than shutting out natural daylight for the sake of privacy, explore the different options that you have. How you dress your windows and the colours you paint your walls can truly add to the feelings of space and brightness in your home and impact your sense of wellbeing. Add unique window treatments to create the interior ambiance that you crave, so you can kick back and enjoy your home.