Restore the Value of Your Home with a Foundation Repair

When your foundation begins to fail, the value of your home can drop drastically. This can cause extra problems if you plan to sell your home soon. Buyers may hesitate to purchase a home that needs extensive repairs. Homeowners must learn the signs of early foundation trouble so repairs can happen quickly. If you notice problems, call for an inspection of the foundation. Your landscaping can also contribute to issues with your foundation. During an inspection you can learn about repairs and prevention tactics. 

Signs of Trouble Inside the Home

You can often get foundation repairs done before severe damage happens to your home. If you pay attention to the small details of your home, light damage may show up. You may notice cracks in the walls for floors, for example. Initiate Winston Salem foundation repairs when you see these small problems. When foundation problems arise, the doors and windows in your home may begin to stick, as well. 


An inspection can help determine the cause of your foundation problem. Prepare for the inspection by making a list of damage in your home. You can also move furniture out of the way so the inspector can see all cracks and surface damage. Save your report and proof of repairs to validate the value of your home. 


You can maintain the value of your home and prevent foundation problems by maintaining your yard. If you have a foundation repair, you can also change your landscaping to keep the foundation healthy. Cracks in your driveway or sidewalk indicate a foundation problem. You may also notice standing water in your yard when the foundation shifts. 

You can prevent problems by watering your plants properly, cleaning your gutters, and planting trees 15 feet from the house. You may need the slope of your yard restored if water does not drain away from your home. Homeowners with basements or crawl spaces may have a french drain installed to protect the property. 

Check Your Floors

You may need new flooring after your foundation repair. A subfloor over a crawl space can rot when moisture comes into the home. This can cause a dangerous situation, as you may sink into the spongy floor. Tile floors can also warp and break when the concrete foundation cracks. When you have the inspection, floors should get checked thoroughly. 


Look for water damage when you have foundation problems, as well. When the foundation of a house moves, it can affect the plumbing. Many pipes reside in the walls and under the house. A damaged foundation can cause these to crack or break open. Take notice of water stains, leaks, or musty smells in the home. 

The appraisal value can help you make a profit when you sell your home. Call for an inspection when you notice small changes in your home. Even a small crack in the wall may originate from a foundation shift. A timely repair can prevent severe damage. Maintain your foundation and landscaping to protect the value of your home.