Jeunesse Global Product Review

Jeunesse Global is one of the world’s leading producers and sellers of beauty products. The founders of the company, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis started the company in 2009, following a decision to return from retirement. Their prior successes in other enterprises and visionary ideas have made Jeunesse a global brand with significant impact and success across many parts of the world.

The main reason why Jeunesse has positively affected many people today lies in their collection of products. The Y.E.S System, which means Youth Enhancement System represents this collection of products. The products combine multiple benefits ranging from revolutionary cosmetic products, to supplements and body enhancements.

Some of the Jeunesse’ leading products include:


This is the company’s flagship product line. Luminesce comprises of anti-aging and other skin care products that revitalize your youthfulness. The products add radiance to your skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines, hence adding a fine glow to your face.

Luminesce contains the most popular brands of Jeunesse products. All of the commodities have anti-aging elements consisting of a unique growth factor that promotes healthy skin growth. Fundamentally, Jeunesse promises to enable you regrow your skin cells by renewing the dead ones with new ones.

The underlying formula behind the success of Luminesce lies in an element referred to as adipose believed to be deduced from adult stem cell conditioned media. The element has the ability to facilitate growth of young skin cell fill fine lines, dry spots, and wrinkled in your face.


This is another prominent product line developed by Jeunesse Global. The line introduces revolutionary micro-mist foundations designed to produce a professional appearance in anyone with minimal effort.

The NV line features a mist foundation, a primer, and bronzer. The primer will fill in creases and pores in your skin, hence helping you develop a flawless look. Additionally, the primer prepares your skin for the foundation.

The BB Perfecting Mist Foundation comes in nine shades and uses a proprietary aerobrush spray nozzle. The inclusion of the aerobrush is by design since it has the capacity to deliver a perfect finish from the APT-200. The latter is polypeptide youth-enhancing constituent coupled with a skin-assuasive aloe.

The NV line of products is developed to remove or blur any skin imperfection that you might have. All you have to do is apply them in the recommended manner and period and you will experience a reviving experience lasting up to 12 hours.


This is a product to enhance your clarity irrespective of your age. The idea and formula to develop M1ND was inspired by eastern medicine. In addition, the products uses proteins derived from the cocoons of silkworms. The proteins have been clinically tested and proven to enhance human memory.

A company for all

Irrespective of what your needs might be, Jeunesse Global Y.E.S. system lives up to the name and caters for all your beauty needs. The products do not only focus on external beauty, but go beyond and address internal beauty needs for all.

Interestingly, Jeunesse Global also cares for your financial ability. The company utilizes a global direct selling approach that positively influences and helps thousands of people across the world. The system will offer you an opportunity not only to purchase and use the products, but also unleash your potential by joining the sales team.