Increase Your Home’s Value with These Improvement Ideas

A home is more than four walls and a roof. It’s where memories of holiday parties, first steps, and Sunday morning pancakes are made. A home can also be an important financial investment for your family. Home renovation has become one of the most popular ways to increase your home’s value and improve your quality of life. Thanks to TV shows like Flip or Flop and Property Brothers, the home renovation bug has been sweeping the nation—and for good reason! If you’re ready to start increasing the value of your home and improve the quality of your downtime, here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Bathroom Upgrades

One of the easiest places to start with home renovations is the bathroom. If you don’t have a large budget, a complete upscale bathroom remodel can be done for under $7,000 (with the right contractor and a little bit of elbow grease). It might be costly to renovate a bathroom, but it will more than pay for itself when you decide to sell your home for retirement. Even if all you can afford is a new shower, rip out that old steel tub for a new, beautiful, walk-in spa. Clean out the grout and remove those rust stains that have been plaguing your bathroom for years.

  • Solar Panels

There has never been a better and cheaper time to install solar panels on your roof. Even if you live somewhere that’s doesn’t see sunshine year-round, energy-efficient roofing may help you save money on your utility bills. Some homes generate so much electricity during the summer months that homeowners actually sell power back to their local power companies. Future generations are going to be much more environmentally conscious than the last; when it’s time to sell your home, make sure you have all of the eco-friendly amenities you need to entice buyers.

  • Natural Lighting

Homebuyers and real estate brokers always consider how much natural light is coming into a home. Natural lighting can make a room look larger and more welcoming—but don’t limit yourself to the classic lighting solutions. Skylights aren’t the only way to bring in natural light; sun tubes and light pipes are cheaper and equally effective alternatives. These tubes are made of a reflective material that will carry lighting from the outdoors straight into any room in your house.

  • Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and a kitchen remodel can transform your cooking area into a chef’s dream. However, a kitchen renovation is a big project that can take quite a bit of money and time. Before getting started, take the time to do your research and consider all of the potential upgrades you can make. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Marble countertops will not only increase the value of your home but give your kitchen an upscale classic Venetian look.
  • Stainless steel dishwashers with water and energy saving amenities are sure to impress any potential home buyers.
  • Wood finished cabinets are always beautiful and easy to incorporate into the aesthetic of any kitchen.
  • Make sure you consult a contractor before you take the time to start mapping out the kitchen renovations you want to make. Some remodels won’t be possible simply because of your kitchen’s general layout.
  • Flooring

Flooring is often the first thing that a guest or potential home buyer is going to notice. If your home still has shag carpet or linoleum, it’s time for a serious makeover; opt for wood, tile, and bamboo. Wood and tile are fairly common and come in a variety of styles, while bamboo flooring is a cheaper and more flexible material. If you have pets, bamboo and hardwood flooring should be high on your priority list.

When remodeling your home to increase its value, make sure that the renovations you make are ones you can enjoy and live with as well. With these tips, you’re well prepared to incorporate renovations that can transform your comfort and potentially increase your home’s value down the road. Happy renovating!