How to Make Your Party One to Remember

Everyone will probably need to or want to host a party of some sort at least once in their lifetime. So why not make your one and only party, or the first of many party endeavours a memorable one. If you are looking for ways to trump others in the party planning department, you have to start with the stomach.

Food-Having awesome food relatively easy to access and consume, is a number one priority for veteran party planners. Serving food in the tried and true “appetizer” form is a surefire way to get people engaged with their appetite. Place food in easy to access areas and in bite-sized pieces for ease of picking up and ingesting. Do the best you can within your budget and don’t worry if you don’t have the fanciest food, it just has to taste good.

Drinks-You have to have something to wash all that tasty food “down the hatch”. Have drinks on hand which incorporate a wide range of alcohol or non-alcohol based choices. Follow the general rule of thumb that if your party lasts around two hours, most guests will probably consume three drinks per person.

Awareness-Once people are engaged in eating and drinking, conversation should begin to flow easily and that highly sought after “room-buzz” should be in full swing. The “room-buzz” lets every host know they have a captive crowd which is engaged in connecting with each other. If you notice that people aren’t finding common ground by attempting to strike up conversation, then it’s time to pull out an attention-grabber.

Entertainment– Photo booths make a great conversation piece for any party. Photo booths can be rented from a reputed company, like Perth Premier Photo Booths. Photo booths can serve as an icebreaker as soon as people enter the door. If it takes guests a couple of drinks to loosen up, a photo booth can also be utilized anytime the guests feel ready to jump on “candid camera”. Party-goers may not even realize how much fun they can have posing in a photo booth,  “hamming” it up with new friends and the ones they came with, in front of a staged photo booth area. Plus, the pictures taken in a photo booth can kill two birds with one stone. A photo booth can act as an activity to get people out of their comfort zone, and as a party favor/parting gift for all. Just don’t let them forget the picture lying on a random table somewhere at the end of the night.

Clean up-Make sure you pick up dirty dishes and used napkins throughout the night. But do not be the one engaging in the constant pick up. Playing “maid” will only serve to encumber your ability to enjoy the party yourself. You will end up feeling as though the party was all work, and no play, and be reluctant to stage one again.

At the very least, hire someone to do the pick up. The cost of hiring servers can be limited by asking neighbourhood teenagers to be on hand for a few extra bucks during the evening. The few dollars you have to dole out will be well worth it. There is nothing worse than seeing a host or hostess scrambling around all night picking up after everyone and not being able to enjoy a relaxing drink, conversation or nibble, because they are too busy playing cleanup crew.

Don’t get caught up in having a “perfect” party. Everyone knows hosting a memorable party is really more about the quality of the guests than what it may or may not have cost per person.