How to make your kitchen more modern

The kitchen is at the heart of every home and after the last year, it has become a multi-functional space for many families. The kitchen can be used as an office, dining room, entertainment space and cooking area. If the kitchen looks outdated and old in design, the rest of the home will look this way too. 

With a few simple steps, you can make your kitchen look fresh and new again. 


Paint is one of the cheapest ways to spruce up your space and give the kitchen a new lease of life. If you have a wooden kitchen, you can paint it in different colours throughout the years and stay up to date with your favourite trends. 

Paint can show signs and wear and tear very easily, especially with mucky fingerprints, splashback stains and chipped edges. The colour of your paint can also reveal the age of your kitchen – especially if it’s in a dated cream, beige or eighties pattern. Opt for modern colours, like pastel greens, greys and deep blues for a chic feel.

The walls can also be painted in your kitchen if the cabinets are not an option. Consider switching up your splashback wall and give it a deep clean. You might be surprised just how much dirt can collect under your cabinets and oven. 

Fitted kitchen

If storage is your issue, it’s time to install a modern fitted kitchen into your space. A fitted kitchen can overhaul your kitchen design and massively increase your storage space and usability. Research smart storage for your appliances so that you don’t waste bench space with blenders, coffee makers and kitchen aids. Make the most of your wall space and have the kitchen cupboards fitted all the way to the ceiling to avoid dust accumulation and wasted space. 


A dark and gloomy kitchen is not a space people want to spend time in. It can feel claustrophobic and even outdated. Modern kitchens are all about air, light and space. If you don’t have the luxury of an open plan set up with floor to ceiling windows – look into extravagant light features instead. Go for an industrial look with exposed wires and unique bulbs or integrated ceiling spotlights for a clean finish.


A cluttered kitchen makes it difficult to cook, work and clean. Declutter your kitchen appliances, utensils and pots to make a serene environment. If you can’t part with everything, invest in clever storage to hide away all of your kitchen equipment. Your worktops and cupboards will be much easier to clean with minimal clutter. 

Minimalism is all the rage at the moment. Embrace your inner Marie Kondo and declutter your whole home after the kitchen.