How to Get the Perfect Tan This Summer With CoolTan

One of our favorite parts about summer is getting out in the sun, soaking up the Vitamin D, and getting a great tan. But getting a tan can often be really difficult- between sticky tanning lotions, damaging tanning beds, and the awkwardness of baring it all, getting a natural glow can seem incredibly difficult! The company CoolTan is proving you can look great while getting an amazing tan right through your swimsuit with their revolutionary Tan Through swimsuits! Here are 5 ways to get the perfect tan this summer with CoolTan’s Tan Through swimsuits:

  • Tan Through All Your Favorite Activities

The best thing about CoolTan’s Tan Through swimsuits is that they make getting an even, gorgeous, natural looking tan as easy as walking down the beach or laying out in the sun. Their suits are incredibly lightweight and comfortable, making them a perfect choice for all your favorite outdoor activities like swimming, boating, or even just going on vacation.

  • Tan Through Suits That Work Like a Medium Level Sunscreen

CoolTan swimsuits contain uniquely formulated Microsol fabric, a breathable, porous fabric allow approximately half of the sun’s light in to the same degree as a medium level sunscreen. This means you can get a rockstar tan without having to worry about lathering sunscreen all over your body. You should still wear sunscreen on areas not covered by the suit but it’s nice to know that your suit will give you a base level protection to get you that glow without damaging your skin.

  • Specially Formulated Fabric to Keep You Cool and Dry

The secret to CoolTan’s suits is their Microsol fabric, which not only gives you the perfect tan and works as a medium level sunscreen, but also helps keep you cool and dry. The suits uses a specially knitted technology that creates millions of tiny pores in the fabric. These pores are great for letting in the sun to help you tan but also keep you comfortable by letting in air and water to keep you cool. And thanks to that light and thin fabric, the suits dry up to 3x faster than normal fabrics, keeping you nice and dry when you come out of the water!

  • Guaranteed Comfort

Thanks to that Microsol V fabric, CoolTan’s Tan Through suits are incredibly comfortable and smooth. The porous fabric lets in air and water, letting your skin breathe and thereby keeping you cool by letting perspiration evaporate quickly. The suits are designed for long lasting wear and come in a variety of styles and colors to suit your comfort level and keep you feeling fabulous all day long!

  • Variety of Different Styles to Suit Your Needs

Whether you tend to gravitate towards more modest one-pieces, or opt for a more revealing two-piece, CoolTan has a variety of different styles to suit your preferences and needs: from their Tan Through one piece structured, tank, and monokini suits to two piece bikinis and halter top bikinis. All suits feature CoolTan’s amazing Tan Through technology that will help you get an amazing tan in no time at all.

Channel your inner bronze goddess and get the tan you always wanted but never had time or money for with CoolTan’s incredible line of TanThrough swimwear!