Graffiti: How to start drawing it

Graffiti can be considered to be one of the most controversial art forms around the world, as there are many who will have either a positive or a negative connotation about the style of art.

Many will instantly associate graffiti with things such as anti-social behaviour because the art form can be seen across a variety of objects, such as public property, transport and walls all over a number of cities. 

However, there are also some that may associate the style of writing that is produced as an impressive art form that can look incredible when used in a certain way. For instance, much of Alec Monopoly’s artwork features a lot of graffiti within each piece, with much of it viewable when individuals click here to learn more about his creations.

Learning how to draw graffiti can be something that can be rather enjoyable, however it is an art form that is far from easy to be able to accomplish without having to do a lot of practice. These are just some of the things that should be done in order to be successful and be able to be in a position in which it can be drawn properly.


It is important to realise that just like any other art form that exists, there is a history and a number of lessons that can be learnt regarding graffiti and the origins of where it came from. 

By knowing more about it, it can help an individual to feel more passionate about drawing it correctly, which could then have the added benefit of making it something that wants to be done correctly, as well.

Indeed, there are a number of resources available in which potential graffiti artists are able to educate themselves regarding the sub-cultures and the origins of this particular art style, and whilst it may not be necessary, it can be a huge benefit.

Know what to draw

As with many art forms, it is also important to have an idea about what to draw before getting started. Art can be all about identity and uniqueness, with many artists having been able to forge impressive reputations within the art world because they have focused on a particular style.

By knowing what to draw and how it should look, drawing the graffiti art will become easier over time, whilst an identity will automatically start to form, which could help to make the piece stand out a lot more than it may initially do so.

Graffiti is all about tags, with many artists going by a specific identifier which is typically a word that they use when they do their drawings. This could literally be anything, but it is important to know what it is before getting started and, perhaps, extremely important to stick to with each drawing created, as this will help to improve the quality of the pieces on each occasion, whilst also making them instantly recognisable.

Furthermore, with a number of different approaches that can be taken, as well as different styles and fonts, it is wise to have a plan regarding what will be drawn before actually taking the steps to put a tag to a canvas.


Perhaps one of the most important things that a person can do who is looking to draw graffiti and reach a high level is to continue to practice. With most art forms, it could be argued that there is not enough practice that can be done, with each piece being down to the individual on the day that it is created.

However, the idea that “practice makes perfect” is one that needs to be firmly believed, as this will only have the benefit of making each graffiti drawing sharper than the previous one.

There are a lot of different elements and shapes that can be found within graffiti art that can make drawing it rather difficult. For instance, a lot of the pieces that have been created in the past incorporate bubble writing or 3D fonts, which are styles that are not very easy to draw without having practised.

However, by attempting to do these styles a number of times over a period of time, it will become infinitely easier to do them in the future and become rather second nature to the individual who is doing the drawing.