Five Tips for Throwing Your First DIY-Theme Party


At some point in your life, you will probably find yourself responsible for throwing a party of some sort. You may decide to throw a theme party for your kids’ birthday, a family member may be getting married or having a baby, or a coworker may be retiring. DIY-theme parties are a great way to put a personal touch into the party while also maintaining control over personal preferences and budget.

DIY-theme parties do require some more organization and work than simpler cookie-cutter parties but the result is definitely worth it. If this is your first time throwing a party of this nature, never fear. With guidance, it’s easy to get started.

A warning to the wise: theme parties are a lot of fun. You may find yourself at the mercy of a DIY-theme party addiction!

Tip 1: Pick a Theme That Won’t Be Too Difficult to Work With

Themed parties are great because you can customize them to fit any crowd. The most experienced DIY party planner can take any theme, no matter how specific or strange, and go with it without a second thought. However, if you are a beginner or novice DIY-theme party thrower, you may want to consider sticking to simpler themes that don’t require too much out-of-the-box thinking.

That said, a simple theme doesn’t mean a simple color scheme. Just because you are throwing a superhero-themed party doesn’t mean you have to stick to the basic two-color color scheme of that particular character. Branch out, add some complementary colors, or include the colors of the main villains.

Tip 2: Find a Venue

Sometimes, having the party at your house works fine, if you have the space (both inside and out) for all your guests. However, if you live in an apartment or if you have qualms about letting X number of people into your house for two to three hours, then perhaps it would be better to seek out other venues.

Parks may be a fun option for larger gatherings and will allow for a larger spread for food, games, or presents, but that does put you at the mercy of the weather. Other party venues can help with setup and cleanup but will cost more money. Do some research to see what sort of local options there are and decide what is best for your event and budget.

Tip 3: Finding a Starting Point—Invitations

When taking on a project of this magnitude, the hardest part is getting started. An easy place to start is invitations. This ultimately kills multiple metaphorical birds with one stone. For example, when someone sends out wedding invites, it means that they have decided on and committed to a date, time, and place, as well as a theme and color scheme. By doing this one task, it gives you a jumping-off point to continue with the rest of the party planning and preparation.

If you do decide to make the invites, it’s important to keep the recipient curious and interested. You can start with purchasing customizable pocket invites and then cleverly combining witty words and a gorgeous layout on your invites. Make sure you have enough time to finish making all the invites, especially if you’re expecting a lot of guests.

Tip 4: Get Crafting

Once you’ve decided on a theme and color scheme, you can begin making decisions on decor. If you end up drawing blanks or need help deciding in which direction to go, you can try reading blogs specifically written on party planning, or you can try surfing on sites such as Pinterest to help generate ideas.

If you are concerned about getting everything done on the budget, look for ways to cut financial corners without causing the quality of your product to suffer. To find affordable craft materials for your decor, try looking through the circulars of your local craft stores for deals and coupons.

Tip 5: The Key Is in the Details

When throwing these sorts of parties, deciding on color scheme and decor is just the tip of the iceberg. The key to making your party a success is in the little things. It does require much more effort, but finding ways to work the theme into the food, party favors, and activities will take your party to the next level and make your party memorable.

Hiring professional party planners definitely has its advantages, the most prevalent being convenience. However, by hiring someone else to do it, you forfeit the ability to customize the party and control the budget. By handing off the responsibility of the party’s details, you lessen your workload, but the details are left at the mercy of the person in charge.

Enjoy the Creative Workout!

Do-it-yourself themed parties are a great way to exercise your creative muscles. Planning and creating the details of the party that fit the theme force you to think outside the box and work out your problem-solving skills. Next time you need a party, consider trying your hand at a DIY-theme party, and put your crafting skills to good use!