Five Crazy Ideas for Groom and Groomsmen Photo Shoots

Weddings are the perfect time to get family and friends together. Whether it’s an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, a photo shoot of both the bridal party and the groom’s pals is an absolute must. Many couples and their entourage are bringing their crazy photo shoot ideas to life.

People are used to seeing brides and bridesmaids have fun during the prenup and wedding photo shoots. The dresses and shoes, laughing on the bed, and all their beautiful smiles are fun to watch and look back on. Well, guess what? The guys can put out a fun photo shoot too!

Here are five crazy ideas for a groom and groomsmen photo shoot.

The Movie Scene

Break away from the common smile for the camera photos, and spice it up a bit by picking an iconic movie scene to imitate, like Star Wars. Get the groomsmen some stormtrooper masks, and make the groom the Han Solo of the party. Better yet, have the groom wear a Darth Vader mask, and let him walk the aisle with the strong Jedi groomsmen by his side.

Make it not just a photo shoot, but a photo shoot with the Force. Bonus points if the bride dresses up like Princess Leia in a golden bikini.


Strong and brave like superheroes, that’s what the groom’s party is like. Let the heroes take a break from saving the world, and take the squad to a wedding photo shoot.

Superhero merchandise is available everywhere. It won’t matter if it’s Avengers or Justice League. Just let the groom and his groomsmen wear one of those superhero shirts underneath a tuxedo, and a heroic shoot is under way. Not only would it be super fun, but the shirts can also double as awesome gifts for the groomsmen.

Team Sports

Boys will always be boys with their various sports, which is why posing as a sports team for a groom and groomsmen photo shoot is absolute fun. Have these personalized baseball bats as groomsmen gifts, and use them later on to strike a ball game photo shoot.

Let the groom and the groomsmen’s teamwork naturally come out as they pose for the camera in the most athletic way. Make the photo shoot the craziest and most important game of their lives.

Matching Outfits

Who says only the bridal party can have matching outfits and accessories? Bring out the cheesy, and get some matching socks or cuff links for the handsome groomsmen too. What makes this idea crazy is how the items will be shown in the photos. Go all-out with the groom and groomsmen by utilizing extra creative poses that flaunt the matching wear.

Gender Swap

Definitely the craziest idea of them all. Who wouldn’t love seeing the groom and the groomsmen act like the bridal party? Pillow fights, with the guys’ shirt buttons undone, do not seem like a bad idea if they’re with the wackiest group of groomsmen. Even the laughing pose looks funnier when men do it.

Have the most fun by making the bridal party pose like the groomsmen too. Don’t mind the stereotypes, and try a gender-bending photo shoot with the entourage.

Think outside the Box

Gone are the days of traditional poses. Weddings today are in their most creative and awesome phase and doing an extra fun and amazing photo shoot makes the occasion more memorable. The crazier the photos are, the better.