15 Exquisite French Style Bedrooms That Will Enchant You

The French seem to do everything with style and class that is just incredible to behold as a “non-French” observer. It’s as if they were born to be extraordinary and perfection is simply in their blood. Their style never fails to impress, and French style bedrooms are just another example among many.

What makes ¬†French style bedrooms so special? First of all, they are so warm and welcoming. They are romantic and reassuring. It’s impossible not to feel calm when you are surrounded with all the beautiful neutral colors that are characteristic of the French style. Floral decorations give the bedroom cheerfulness and liveliness, and they can be found anywhere, for example, the wallpaper, pillows, the bedding or the drapes.

A characteristic feature of the French bed is the headboard, which is usually upholstered and in a typical shape and size. It is not uncommon that a beautiful elaborate canopy is found above the bed, creating an even more romantic atmosphere. Of course, the rest of the furniture being in French style only strengthens the feeling of relaxation and peacefulness. The bed, chairs, dressers and chest drawers are embellished with gorgeous designs. Drapes, magnificent authentic mirrors and exquisite hanging lights are a part of the experience as well.

All in all, a bedroom decorated in a French style has many unique characteristics that make it special. If you want to choose this style for your bedroom, I’m sure you won’t regret it. Remember that your bedroom is a reflection of your character, feelings and emotions. It’s the place where you can always be yourself. Whether you are sleeping alone, or with the person you love, I am sure you wouldn’t mind sleeping in one of these magnificent rooms either way. You can use these pictures below as an inspiration, and let the decorating of your fairytale bedroom begin!

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