Easy and Simple DIY Home Maintenance Tips

Being able to get your own land and housing is indeed a dream come true. Thus, you should make sure to keep the house in proper order all the time. We prepared here some easy and simple to follow DIY home maintenance tips that you can consider.

Air Conditioning

One of the most overlooked at appliances in the house in terms of regular maintenance is air conditioner yet it can cost you much to get it fixed. Therefore, it is advisable that you pay attention to it. You should regularly inspect the condensation hose to make sure that water can flow freely. Once you start to notice standing water where the condensation line drains, you should immediately create drainage path. To do this, you can use a small garden trowel and line the path with gravel to keep the mold and algae from forming.

Another tip to consider for your air conditioners is to keep the screen free from debris, which will keep the air moving freely. This will also prevent your air conditioner from using too much power and saves you from higher electricity bill.

Air filters and humidifiers

It is important to change the air filter in your central heat and air unit regularly. It should not be more than 30 days that you leave an air filter in place and two weeks during months that you use it more often.

It is wiser to use cheap fibreglass filter instead of the expensive HEPA filters. Fibreglass filters allow more air to flow into your climate-controlled unit, which consumes less energy to heat or cool your home. Also, it is not as expensive to replace, which you should do often.

For humidifiers, it is best that at the end of winter season to drain the unit and close the water valve to keep water from stagnating in the system. You should also try cleaning the reservoir with a mixture of water and white vinegar to keep the mineral deposit to a minimum.


Needless to say to check your roof for damage regular. In case you see  discoloured, damaged or gravel-less shingles, you should immediately replace it to prevent the need for total replacement of roof once you finally discover a leak.


Leaky faucet is one of the most common household problems. The main cause of this is worn out washers that are usually made of rubber thus it wears out pretty much quickly. To replace them, you should turn off the main water supply, unscrewing the leaky handle that controls the flow of the water, removing old washer and then dropping in the new one.

Smoke detectors

It is advisable to replace the batteries in smoke detectors at least once a year. Even the recent hard-wired smoke detectors have backup batteries that must be replaced. This is to ensure that the smoke detectors are working properly especially in cases of emergency.

It is very important to pay attention to every area of the house. This is also one way to save money from total damage repair and of course, to prevent accidents.

Home maintenance is every homeowner’s responsibility but also one of real estate developer’s accountability.  Lendlease, a high end developer has community projects across Australia which land and houses are easy to maintain, functional, and customisable. Getting a land and housing near NSW from Lendlease or any other areas will give homeowners the guarantee of a low-maintenance home.