Differences Between the Sandal Styles

It seems like there are hundreds of different styles of summer shoes out now. Some of them are close-toed, while others have toes but no backs. With all of these different styles, there are lots of different names to learn too. The most well-known summer shoes are flip flops, slides, sandals, and wedges. Even though they’re so popular, many people don’t know how to categorize them. Below there’s a guide to help you learn more about summer shoes.  

Sandals: Let’s begin with the broadest word. The word ‘sandal’ umbrella term is used to describe shoes that can be worn in hot or warm weather and that have some kind of strap on them. So this can mean several different pairs of styles. This is usually the word that causes confusion, as people aren’t sure of the difference between sandals and other summer shoes.  The other shoes listed are under the category of sandals.

Flip Flops: These are perhaps the most well known type of sandal. Flip flops, also known as thong sandals, are a light-weight shoe that most people wear at the pool or the beach. In order to be considered a flip flop, there can only be two parts to the shoes: the sole and the Y-shaped line that goes across the top of your toes. The piece of plastic that separates your big toe from the other toes gives flip flops the nickname thongs. Flip flops tend to be plastic and flimsy, but can also be a sturdier leather material or harder plastic. 

Slides: These are also easy to explain, as their name says it all. A slide is simply a shoe that you can just slide on to your foot. There is a piece of material that covers the top arch of your foot, which holds your foot in place, but that’s it. There can be no ankle straps on a pair of slides, which is part of their appeal. If you’re on the go or are just feeling too lazy to tie your shoes, you can just throw on a pair of slides. In addition to their ease, they’re also very trendy and can go with either sporty or everyday wear. The most classic look that goes with absolutely everything is the black slide

Wedges: Wedge sandals haven’t been popular for about a decade, however, they’re beginning to make a comeback. Simply put, these shoes are basically just slides with a heel. Unlike a traditional high heel, where the sole and the heel are separated, wedges keep these two connected. This makes walking much easier for the wearer, and therefore more comfortable. Another trend that is similar to wedges are platform flip flops. These shoes are just flip flips with a base that is a few inches high. These aren’t in style now, but were wildly popular in the 2000s. 

Hopefully these brief definitions and style examples cleared up any confusion you had about the different terms for shoe styles. It can be rather difficult to keep up with the ever-evolving world of fashion, but know that you know the basics, you’re ready to go buy some summer shoes.