Best places to travel to in the south of the UK

There are many local cities you can travel to in the UK for a day out or staycation away. The south of England makes an excellent location for a beach holiday, romantic country escape or even a city break in London. There are quaint villages, cities and beachside towns to cater for everyone’s idea of a perfect holiday.

Here are a few places you could visit on your next trip down south.


Of course, London is one of the most famous cities globally and a brilliant destination for a holiday. You can visit tourist attractions, like the London Eye, Covent Garden. Big Ben and Hyde Park. Or stroll down Notting Hill and enjoy some brunch with local Londoners. If you fancy a taste of London culture, head to Peckham for some buzzing nightlife and delicious food. Borough Market is also a brilliant stop, as one of the oldest food markets in the city and located next to Bridget Jones’ famous flat. 

Make sure to ride the London Eye and sit on the grass across from Tower Bridge to soak in the beautiful London views and sunshine. Make sure to get a map of the tubes in case you get lost around the city.


Get the train to Brighton for the day to enjoy what it has to offer, including the restaurants, cafes and seaside views. The Brighton Palace Pier is a must-see and has stood over the harbour for over a hundred years. You can enjoy the funfair rides, eat chips and take a few polaroid’s in the photo booth.

You should take a walk to Brighton Pavilion to see the iconic 18th Century structure. Enjoy some independent shops in the Brighton Lanes and makes sure to head to Halisco for some delicious Latin food. 


If you need a relaxing beachside escape, Cornwall is the place for you. Cornwall is filled with charming villages and bays for surfing, chilling and sunbathing. Watergate bay is a favourite for many, as it’s just a short way from the town of Newquay. You can enjoy a relaxing beach day followed by a night out in Newquay – perfect!


Bournemouth has a whopping seven miles of sandy beaches and some of the warmest waters in England. Enjoy afternoon tea by the seaside, following by a warm evening dip in the sea. Just make sure to wear sunscreen – it can get very hot on the south coast!

If you have kids, Bournemouth Pier is a perfect activity for the day. You can go zip-lining, rock climbing or enjoy some candy while walking along the Pier. 

The South Coast of England is a beautiful location for a staycation this summer. Book in advance and choose the best destination for you and your family!