Bathroom Windows that Inspire

Creating a bathroom that wows, can be a delicate and expensive undertaking. Between plumbing, electrical, fixtures, hardware, color, and layout, a bathroom renovation needs inspiration that keeps it from being too complex.

While all of these factors may keep your head spinning, take some time to think deeply about your bathroom window. A bathroom replacement window has the power to not only let natural light in, but create an ambient atmosphere for a room to belong in, as well as be a focal point itself. 

Both function and fashion are essential concepts when choosing which type of window to use. 

If space or size is limited, your window may need to be fixed, like a picture window or narrow inoperable casement window. If your window cannot open for fresh air, then be sure to install a bathroom fan for air flow.

And, of course, depending on the views and proximity to others, you may want to consider either privacy glass, or clear glass. Clear glass can be most luxurious, if the setting allows, but privacy glass gives the function of filtered light in dense neighborhoods.

If your bathroom window opening is large enough, (which most are), here are some modern, inspiring ideas for your bathroom reno:

Tilt-and-Turn European Windows

The concept is simple, practical, yet cutting-edge. A window that opens at multiple points. It creates cross-ventilation, either vertically, or horizontally, and is hinged at the bottom, to provide safety from intruders. This is the latest trend in replacement windows, and yet a modern staple in European new home design. Originally adapted for solid material construction design, now these windows are available for nearly all construction designs (1). Give your bathroom an impressive statement with tilt-and-turn windows.

Aluminum casement windows

These simple windows can either be fixed, or operable for ventilation. Modern designs now have energy-efficient aluminum framing, and give areas with high humidity, like bathrooms and kitchens, years of worry-free solid construction.

Other casement window frame material may be vinyl, or even wood. However, we recommend that you stay away from wood for it’s obvious incompatibility with humid areas like bathrooms. 

The latest window styles for a modern look tend to use a thin glass face, with thick bold frames, whether white, coloured or black. Even consider a contrasting color frame, like black, against white walls. These thick frames give an impression of solid, heavy-duty construction.

Bathtub Bay window

This concept highlights your finest part of your bathroom, the tub. Bring light, views, and warmth to your tub area with a series of operable casement windows that can be tied in together, to create an indoor-outdoor feel, yet with the comfort of your bathroom luxuries. 

If you have an older single-hung window by your bathtub, a window installation contractor can redesign the studs and framing to accommodate a bay or bow window, which creates extra space and window exposure to the light. These “bump outs” are a volume-creating addition to most luxury and custom homes, and will truly create a wow-factor for your bathroom. 

Whether simple or complex, a bathroom renovation project should have an awe-inspiring, modern and energy-efficient window solution, to top off the whole design.