8 Popular and Affordable Online Jewelry Brands to Bring on Your Radar


Finding jewelry that looks supercool but, doesn’t cost a fortune is a challenge. A few contemporary brands are trying to create a balance between the two and spoiling us for choices with their unique designs.

We scoured the web to find brands that offer jewelry tailored to everyone’s budget and taste, and can be bought from the comfort of one’s home.

Here’s a roundup of the best affordable online jewelry brands that can be your go-to place when you want something unique.

Otiumberg was founded in 2004 by Christie and Rosanna Wollenberg. They are London-based sisters armed with the experience of working with brands like Burberry and Louis Vuitton. From gold hoops to delicate bracelets, the fashion-forward jewelry at this online boutique is timeless in style, can be worn every day and available at affordable prices. The brand’s jewelry ranges from $25 to $400 and can be shipped anywhere in the world.

H&M’s lesser-known counterpart, & Other Stories offers everything from clothing to shoes and bags, but its jewelry collection is something that is garnering the attention of connoisseurs. From cool studs, rings, bracelets and pendants to statement pieces, everything sold here has the right dose of edginess, but this high-end offering won’t make you break the bank. Their prices start at $12, and most of the jewelry is available at under $80.

Miansai designs jewelry using Italian leather, precious stones and custom-made marine-grade ropes. Known for its masculine and utilitarian designs, it started out offering men’s collection only, but gradually expanded to include a sleek and feminine collection for women. Most of the brand’s collection falls between $50 and $400, but it also has pieces that cost around $6,000.

Ottoman Hands was started by Deniz Gurdal in 2009 to sell designer jewelry inspired by the Ottoman Empire. All the jewelry is crafted in 21-carat gold plated brass and features semi-precious stones. The brand works closely with local Turkish gem cutters and artisans in Istanbul to create one-of-a-kind pieces. Ottoman Hands has some wonderfully affordable stuff, and the prices start at $20.

One of the first online retailers of fine jewelry in India, BlueStone offers its customers more than 5000 designs in gold and diamond rings, bangles and necklaces. Since its launch in 2011, the brand has gained popularity for its cutting-edge innovation and attention to detail in designs. The brand has an extensive collection of classy rings for fashionistas that start at $70. One of the most loved additions to the brand’s assortment is Pride – unique collection of gold and diamond jewelry inspired by the elusive white peacock.

This British brand is famous for creating jewelry that you can wear every day. Missoma combines semi-precious gemstones with zircon pave set in 18-carat gold vermeil. The interchangeable studs, pendants and charms allow you to experiment with bling. The jewelry store has also successfully collaborated with fashion influencers, including fashion blogger Lucy Williams, several times. The likes of Meghan Markle, Claudia Schiffer and Margot Robbie have been wearing Missoma for years now. Prices start at $19 for silver studs.

Bar Jewelry was launched in London by Sophie McKay, who has worked as a fashion designer in London and Milan for several luxury brands. The whole idea behind Bar Jewelry is to take you back to the basics. All the items are handmade at local factories by skilled artisans. What’s great about the brand is that it uses sustainable methods to ensure least damage to the environment during the designing process. Prices start at $90 for silver sterling earrings.

Siblings Cristina and Estefania Sanchez Rodriguez founded Sansoeurs in 2010. The brand name combines their family name (San) and the French word for sisters (Soeurs). The jewelry line has been doing away with everything that is ordinary since its inception. The duo creates statement pieces that are perfect for women who like their bling to be chic and simple. Their background in architecture and international business has helped them create contemporary designs inspired by modern art. All the items are in 18-carat gold, and the prices start at $63.

These online jewelry shops are hard to beat when it comes to their extensive and affordable range of products. From dramatic neckpieces to unique bracelets and exquisite rings, all these brands have something to appeal to people with different tastes. Plus, the wallet-friendly prices are a bonus. Whether you want to pamper yourself or gift your friend, you can’t go wrong with some beautiful baubles from these brands.