8 Gift Ideas for Filmmakers

Filmmakers belong to that special category of people who have a creative spirit and a very busy schedule. More often than not, they have high salaries. All of the above makes it tough to come up with a impressive gift idea for them.

If you are stuck looking for an excellent gift idea for a filmmaker you know, we can help you out.

1. Custom T-Shirt

A custom t-shirt is an all-purpose gift for filmmakers of all income levels. All you need to do is come up with whatever you want to put on the t-shirt. It can be a list of films the person has made, an autograph of a famous person from a movie industry or a photograph.

These days, the technologies allow your imagination to run wild. You can even transfer a shot from the person’s movie to the fabric.

2. Movie Poster

Perhaps your friend or family member is just starting his or her way to the filmmaking fame? Then you can help them with their marketing efforts. Consider creating a film poster. It doesn’t even have to contain too much information.

Just make sure the person’s name is mentioned in the captions. Get creative and insert some big celebrity names. One of the video production experts from Astudio told us such a poster pushed him to jump-start his career.

3. Custom Lens Cover

A camera is the filmmaker’s best friend and partner. By decorating this equipment, you can make your friend feel special. Consider ordering a custom lens cover. It can have the person’s name, website address or favorite movie character on it.

Whatever you decide to put on the cover will make it special. Your friend is bound to appreciate this gesture.

4. Gorilla Tripod

Gorilla tripods look cool and seem to be useful for filming. Leave it up to your friend to decide. The tripod is versatile and portable. It suits any camera. The manufacturer offers a wide variety of such tripods for any budget.

Just make sure your filmmaker friend doesn’t already have one. Consider asking his opinion about such tripods in advance.

5. Movie Subscription

These days, there are many ways to order a movie subscription. It can be Netflix, MoviePass, and more. If you want to make filmmakers truly happy, allow them to take some time off work and enjoy what they love the most, watching movies.

A movie subscription is an excellent gift because you can find one to suit virtually any budget. Meanwhile, you allow the person to choose the movie to his or her liking.

6. Portable Chargers

Cameras and smartphones tend to lose battery power at the most unexpected moment. Filmmakers often work out on “the field” and don’t have an opportunity to charge their devices. A portable charger can solve the problem.

If you want the charger to deal with a camera, it needs to have a high capacity. You may want to consider getting a solar charger.

7. Logo Design

If your filmmaker friend is not paying sufficient attention to the brand awareness, you can make a reminder by paying for the logo design. If you feel like getting creative, you may want to design the logo on your own and frame it for your friend.

8. Filming Equipment

If you want to dish on an expensive gift, consider filming equipment. Most newbie filmmakers are in dire need of a high-quality camera and all the accessories. Do some research to find out what a beginner needs the most. Your gift can help a person make a serious step toward a star-studded career.