6 Tips to Evaluate a Watch

We have heard this question for a long time now…People asking what kind of a watch they can buy with  xxx budget or how much should I sell my watch. Most of these questions have been flowing in our posts and we have put enough energy to come up with an answer. Today we are here to help you evaluate your watch and eventually be able to come up with a definitive price for your watch.

Elements to consider

When you are in the process of evaluating your watch, there are some key elements that you should take into considerations. At this point in time, we are going to discuss some of these elements.

The brand of the watch

This is the first thing to put into consideration. The fact is that the model and the brand of the watch play a vital role when you are evaluating your watch. The reality of the matter is that different brands have different financial rates. They also feature some distinctive features which add directly on the financial rates. The other thing that determines the price is the material used.

General conditions/working conditions

Is the watch working; is it in its best conditions? These are some of the questions that you need to have in mind. You have to first of all check whether your watch is in excellent working conditions or not. Also check whether the watch has tear and wears or if it is in its best conditions.

The history of the watch

This comes in if you are talking about who made the watch. Are you going for a long experienced manufacturer? One thing that most of the people don’t take into account is the history of the watch they are about to purchase. If for any case you are going for patek nautilus watch, then the first thing you have to check is the history of patek nautilus watch.

After market status

The other thing you should think of is after market status of your luxury watch. If there are any changes on the watch after purchasing it, then be sure that this will influence your pricing. What am trying to say is that you have to add the value of what you have added after you purchased the watch. Have you added any diamonds on the watch? Are there any other valuable materials that you added that need to be included in the evaluation?

The ownership

Is the watch with the original owner or is it 3rd hand? If there is any other additional information, include it at this step. If you are the original owner, then you can charge more for the watch. In this case, you need to have all the original documentation.


This follows closely the above condition. If you have all the documentation and the original package, then this will influence the value of your watch. The fact is that you can charge more if the watch has the original packages and original and clean documentation.

Original or Replica watch

This is another thing that is likely to influence the value of the watch. If you are dealing with replica watch, then you are likely to price it lower than the average price. However, if this is a new watch, then there are several other factors that you can combine it with to get more value for the watch.