50 Stylish And Cool Teenage Bedroom Ideas For All Tastes And Preferences

The children grow so fast, and the time when they become teenagers is a period full of changes. So, just try decorating for a teen! As they grow, their needs and demands also change. Thus when decorating their bedroom, you must remember that you should ask for their opinion.

When you are decorating for a teen girl make sure to value her opinion and remember that she is becoming a young adult and that she knows what she likes and how she wants her room to look and feel. Also, you should take into consideration that she is going to have friends over and sometimes sleepovers, so you may need extra seating and more place where to sleep. And if you thought that it will be easier with boys, you are very, very wrong. They also want a well designed room, because that is a period when they start to hang out with girls, and a period when they want to impress the girls from their company.

And that is why the pictures below show lot of ideas, for both teen girls and boys. I hope that there is an idea for your teen boy or girl.  This collection of inspirational teenage room ideas bring together room ideas that are funky, trendy and very stylish. Be it teenage boys who love blues and blacks, a football lover, boys that love music and guitars or girls who go for pinks and whites, rooms where they can feel like princesses, a full set of colors, designs and a lot more! Try to create something where they can feel like themselves with these ideal 50 stylish and cool teenage bedroom ideas for all tastes and preferences!

Teens often feel entitled to special treatment based solely on their status as teenagers. So, designed with teenage tastes in mind, I personally believe that with this selection of teen bedrooms you can offer them a perfect example how you can decorate their bedroom together. Enjoy in the gallery together, and let them to make their personal choice!

  • First, we go with some great ideas for the ladies….. Today’s girls bedrooms are as varied as each girl’s personality with styles, colors and motifs in an endless range of possibilities. The following pictures are a perfect combination of sweet, cute and stylish designs!


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  • Now it is time for the boys! Who says boy’s bedrooms can’t be stylish? I’ve selected some amazing ideas for boys’ bedrooms that look great, while remaining practical.
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