5 Engagement Ring Styles That Will Make You Drool

When a couple gets engaged, friends and family always want to know the date, hear the engagement story, and see the ring. There are some pretty incredible rings out there, many of which are surprisingly affordable. Whether you’re planning your dream wedding or you’re getting ready to pop the question, check out these amazing rings.

  1. Vintage Inspired

Perhaps the most popular wedding trend of the day is vintage engagement rings. These beauties that often feature diamonds and white or rose gold have changed the way people make jewelry, with stories presenting more vintage-inspired jewels for purchase.

Vintage-inspired rings have a few key characteristics. Firstly, they’re far from simple. The band typically has filigree or complex engravings and inset diamonds. It’s often a halo-style cut that features a large faceted diamond in the center and a surrounding of smaller stones.

Princess cut, square, three stone, floral, and oval rings were very popular in vintage eras as well. Diamonds are the most popular stone of this time, but you might find sapphires, emeralds, and other colored stones here and there.

  1. Solitaire Styles

Vintage rings are typically associated with complex bands and styles, but certain solitaire styles also fit into the vintage-ring category. Solitaire rings usually involve a simple band with a single stone protruding. They are classic and beautiful.

However, some solitaire styles are a little more complex. They might feature a simple band with a halo-style diamond. Others involve a band inset with a single row of diamonds leading up to a single diamond or other stone at the head. Any of these options are breathtakingly beautiful on any finger.  

  1. Tear Drop Diamonds

Tear drop shaped diamond rings set into white or yellow gold seem to be very popular right now. Several celebrities are flashing this style of engagement ring as they prepare for their upcoming nuptials, including Cardi B, Ariana Grande, and Paris Hilton. The rings of these celebs are custom-made and incredibly expensive, but you don’t have to break the bank to get the same.

Through your local jeweler or a trusted website, you can easily find a ring in this style and your price range. It might be a little smaller, but the shimmering beauty of the tear-shaped diamond will surely take her breath away.

  1. Sapphire and White Gold

Diamonds are considered the most timeless and popular of all engagement rings, simply because they’re more durable and last forever. However, sapphires, a popular stone during the Edwardian era, are becoming more popular by the day.

The deep blue of sapphires typically looks best with white gold, since yellow or rose gold clash. Although sapphires can stand on their own, most trendy rings featuring sapphires include a halo of diamonds. There may also be diamonds inset into the band, leading up to the gorgeous blue stone.

This classic pairing lets the gorgeous blue shine as the centerpiece of the ring while including the drool-worthy sparkle of diamonds that many brides love. It’s truly the best of both worlds.

  1. Double Halo

Single halo engagement rings are trendy, but if you want to step it up a notch, check out the double halo engagement rings. This style was popular in history for royalty, and you’ll find many double or even triple halo-style rings in crown jewel collections.

The double halo is exactly what it sounds like—a large stone in the center surrounded by two rings of small diamonds. The band is also usually inset with diamonds. The double-halo style can go around any cut of diamond, including square, oval, circle, floral, or tear drop.

This ring is not light. It’s heavy, blingy, and absolutely gorgeous. A bride-to-be who likes to be the center of attention will no-doubt love this ring.