5 Ceiling Fan Styles To Enhance Your Room

Are you looking to enhance the overall look of a small room? Do you want to add lighting or improve airflow in your home? What about improving your home’s value or modernizing its interior design? Ceiling fans can provide all of these benefits and more. They’re an easy way to lower energy costs and help cool a room through better air circulation. And they’re a fantastic way to add additional lighting without installing ugly or inappropriate light fixtures that don’t match the room. Whether it’s an indoor or an outdoor fan, these different ceiling fan styles offer a unique look and feel to suit any style. Here’s a quick glance at five unique ceiling fan styles to think about installing in your home.

Modern Ceiling Fans

Modern fan designs are the sleek, minimally designed fans you’d see complementing a modern decor style. They come in more neutral colors and appear more industrial in appearance (though they are not industrial fans). Three blades are the ideal number for modern ceiling fans. They deliver the best airflow, increase the downdraft, and put less pressure on the motor. More blades typically slow the fan down or require a more powerful motor. Industrial fans (kind of a subset of the modern style) usually only have two or three blades. This puts less pressure on their normal motors, which in turn creates a more powerful airflow. Modern ceiling fans ultimately create a contemporary ambiance across a variety of interior designs. 

Rustic Ceiling Fans

Rustic ceiling fans fall into the more traditional category of ceiling fans. They have elegant, wooden features that blend perfectly with an array of interior design schemes. More traditionally associated with the countryside and log cabins, rustic ceiling fans have gained popularity in urban homes as well in recent years. Rustic ceiling fans generally blend in well with rooms that have hardwood floors. Fans with lighting can create a cozy and comfortable room. They’re also great for outdoor use and can come with a cover with an outdoor wet or damp rating that make them ideal for porches or other outdoor spaces. Fans with oversized blades suit larger rooms better. Rustic fans feature a blend of wood and metal materials in their construction, making them a durable choice for rooms of a particular style.

Farmhouse Ceiling Fans

Farmhouse-style fans are an awesome blending of two other fan styles: rustic and modern. They have some industrial elements like metal designs and built-in remote control or lighting. The lighting fixtures have a unique aesthetic reminiscent of a farmhouse (think lantern style lighting and weathered fan blades). They typically feature hardwood construction with metallic or pewter elements. Farmhouse ceiling fans are much more trendy, artistic, and aesthetically complex than other ceiling fans. They make a great centerpiece for a room and can serve as a good conversation starter on top of their usefulness as an energy efficient and gorgeous ceiling fan.

Flush Mount Ceiling Fans

When your room is smaller or your ceiling runs a little lower, low profile/hugger ceiling fans can come to the rescue. They’re great if you need extra space or head clearance in the room. They’re also extremely versatile and don’t require fiddling around with proper downrod measurements or the frustration of finding a downrod in the right size. Best of all, a flush mount ceiling fan can fit any style, from standard and rustic to modern or even nautical. Since it’s more of a ceiling fan mounting style and not a design itself, going low profile gives you more space in your room and the ability to choose basically any other fan style with the flush mount as the centerpiece. Whether you go traditional, rustic, farmhouse, or any other design, a flush mount might help you create an amazing indoor space with ease.

Tropical or Nautical Ceiling Fans

Two of the most commonly overlooked ceiling fan styles are tropical and nautical. These fantastic ceiling fans can add some major personality to a room and complement a variety of different decor styles. Nautical fans evoke the spirit of the beach or ocean with their strong nautical theme. The style is set up to resemble something you’d find at a beach resort or on an old-time ship. Best of all, they fit just about any room and augment any interior design theme. Lighting is almost a must-have with these fans. They usually come with caged bulb designs, where the casing surrounding the bulb resembles a cage (if your fan doesn’t have one already, you can try making one yourself with the DIY approach). They’re also ideally suited to outdoor settings—but make sure they’re properly wet or damp-rated for space. Tropical ceiling fans are similar in style to Nautical fans but have more of leaf-style arrangement to the ceiling fan blades. They fit in well with most interior design schemes, too, so consider getting one of these fans to really bring a room together.