3 Reasons You Should Bite the Bullet and Open Your Own Restaurant

It is no secret that the restaurant business is one of the toughest to break into. The large amount of money it takes to get started and the risk of low sales and little capital may leave you without much income for months or even years. Only a few new restaurants succeed, as inexperienced owners end up making too many mistakes, but that’s not to say failure is inevitable. If you are incredibly passionate about opening and owning your own restaurant, you may just be ready for the risk. Having drive, knowledge about the industry, and care for your community are some of the best reasons to bite the bullet and open your own restaurant.  

You Understand the Commitment

Inexperience and naivety are some of the top reasons why any new business, especially restaurants, can fail. So before you enter this competitive field, know what you are taking on.  Understand that commiting to be a restaurant owner means working long hours. In the beginning, your workday will start early in the morning, to accept deliveries from restaurant suppliers, and last well into the evening when the restaurant closes. New restaurant owners have shared their experiences of working up to 18 hours a day, leaving little time, if any, to spend with their families. As a new restaurant owner, you’ll be responsible for many tasks, including the dirty work of cooking or even cleaning the bathrooms.  

Such a job can be draining. As with any business, you’ll quickly learn that the customer is always right. No matter what kind of day you are having, it is your job to come to work and engage with your customers in a positive way. You’ll need repeat business as you start out or else you won’t make money. In addition to keeping your customers, you will need to find a solid staff to start out. Budgeting for your help as well as suppliers will be the bulk of your money, so you may not turn a profit, let alone give yourself a salary for the first few years. Not to mention the technicalities of licensing and getting all the proper permits. A restaurant at its core is a business, so you need to run it like one. Be prepared to be a businessman, cook, cleaner, and host. This is a huge undertaking and a big commitment for you and your family. As long as you understand that, you’re ready to open a restaurant.  

You’re Passionate

Now if any of this big picture information has scared you away, then you may not be ready for this journey. However, if you are still committed and passionate about the project even after hearing about the risks, then you are destined to succeed. For an industry such as this, passion and energy goes a long way. Your excitement will get others on board and will help you turn a profit. By starting the business, you will be your own boss and have the freedom to operate on your own terms. Without the structure of a day to day job, your commitment will be what carries you through a successful business venture. Even while doing the grunt work, try to find the joy.  Dreams never come true without hard work, and a successful restaurant needs a passionate founder willing to get their hands dirty.

You Care About the Community

Restaurants can become the cornerstone of a community. People need a place to hang out and catch up around town. If you are interested in opening a restaurant, you probably care about your community and about feeding them with sustenance and love. Show them how much you care by planning a great grand opening specific to their needs and interests. The more you are tied into your city, the more successful your business will be. Keep people wanting more in terms of your cuisine and also your atmosphere.