25 Incredible Space-Saving Ideas For The Area Under Your Stairs

Having lots of stuff, requires a lot of space to put those things. This is why having enough storage space is a need in about every household of no matter what size. And, if you think that you have used all the available space in your home, with a little creative direction, there are many ways to find additional storage space.

Along with all the usual solutions, there are also some other options that might maximize storage potential. For example you can try to use the space under the stairs and create a storage unit. Just as important as the space you have to store belonging under the stairs is it’s ease of access. The area under the stairs usually remains unused empty space that serves only for catching dust and nothing more. If you manage to use wisely the space under the stairs in a creative and practical way you will at the same time, not only maximize the space but also will improve the aesthetics of your hallway. It is time to maximize your under stair space to make it useful corner in your home and these 20 incredible space-saving ideas for the area under your stairs will show you how.

  • Having a storage space composed of few shelves under the stairway enables you to store there all your books, CDs, or not only to store those things, but also to add something that at the same time will beautify your home, and will ensure it does not look like a dull and neglected corner. There are some designs of shelving units for under stair area. If you want to show your book’s, CD’s or wine’s collections, then you better choose open shelving concept.
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  • It is different when you want to make all things look compact and tidy. Everyone of us have things that doesn’t use every day, clothes for another season, household devices for cleaning etc., or things that we use every day but we don’t have enough space in the closet to put them, like socks, blankets, some pairs of shoes, etc. You can always opt for the idea to store them under the stairs by installing drawers that slide directly out in front of the steps, or sleek wall panel drawers.
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