20 Interesting And Creative Modern Bathroom Sinks

The bathroom sink is no longer just a simple basin for washing our hands, it has become a style statement and designers all over the world come up with amazing ideas for them all the time. It’s no longer enough for it to just serve its purpose, it has to be modern and fancy and go well with the design of our bathroom. We want it to be beautiful to look at, unique and interesting. Luckily, today it’s very easy to turn our wishes into reality and get the perfect bathroom we always wanted.

The variety of choices is incredibly vast, which can make it more difficult for us to pick. What is important is that the design of the sink is in the same style as the design of the bathroom and that it’s tasteful and pleasant for the eyes. First, we can choose which material do we want our sink to be made of, for example, glass, metal, wood or stone. Then, we can choose the form, which can be square, round or abstract. Then we just add details that would complete the look, and the rest is easy.

If you are looking for inspiration, take a look at these amazing creative bathroom sink ideas. Ranging from sophisticated, practical, eco-friendly or colorful, there is something for every taste.

Glass Bottomed Patterned Transparent Sink

Photo via www.gurzler.com

Zen Water Stone Sink

Photo via www.interiordesignideasforhome.com

Wall Integrated LED Lighted Modern Sink

Photo via www.bassineco.com

Melting Ice Sink

Photo via www.deavita.com

Wing Wall Sink

Photo via www.pursuitist.com

Minimalist Wooden Sink

Photo via www.collegeenvy.com


Photo via www.rotatorrod.com

Concrete Sink With Erosion Design

Photo via www.thedailytop.com

Waterfall Sink

Photo via www.thegpod.com


Photo via www.architecturendesign.net

Crashing Waves Sink

Photo via www.awesomeinventions.com

Petrified Wood Sink

Photo via www.oddstuffmagazine.com

Modern Glass Sink

Photo via www.distractify.com


Photo via www.pinterest.com

Aquarium Sink

Photo via www.demilked.com

Punctured Design Sink

Photo via www.homeharmonizing.com

Color Splash Sink

Photo via www.freshdec.com


Photo via www.thisisego.com


Photo via www.desidees.net


Photo via www.taringa.net