20 Genius Space-Saving Products For Small Apartments

A Vertical Wine Rack

Photo via www.fishki.lv

When you lack horizontal space… go vertical! This wine rack is perfect for small apartments. It’s modern and practical. A good example for space-saving products!


Nesting Bowls With Measuring Cups

Photo via www.casa.com

You could never get enough bowls, especially if you love to cook. But they usually take up more space. Well, with these you won’t have that kind of problems.


The Shoe Ottoman

Photo via www.safavieh.com

Give your ottoman another purpose, use it’s inside space as storage for your shoes. It is a pretty creative and practical idea.


A Knife Drawer Under The Cabinet

Photo via www.oddities123.com

In my opinion this is an awesome idea and I am just wondering why doesn’t every kitchen have one of these? It is so practical!


A Rotating Multifunctional Cabinet

Photo via www.ebay.com.au

With this incredible feature you will have a mirror, a bulletin board, shelves and a coat rack, all in one single piece! What better example for multifunctional and space-saving ideas?


The Couch Arm Wrap

Photo via www.otherwisesimple.com

Who needs an end table when you can have this totally practical couch arm wrap?


A Corner Dish Rack

Photo via www.noticiastln.com

It is just what your small kitchen needs!


A Hot Iron Holster

Photo via www.homegadgetsdaily.com

I don’t know about you but I definitely need this for my bathroom.


A Mirror & An Ironing Board In One

Photo via www.tuttacronaca.wordpress.com

It’s an ironing board when you need it and it folds into a mirror when you don’t. A brilliant idea for smaller spaces!


A Folding Cheese Grater

Photo via www.littlecloudsofthought.blogspot.com

Talking about folding things, check out this cool folding cheese grater!


The Cord Balls

Photo via www.fastcodesign.com

With these cute little balls you won’t have to deal with the messy cables around your home.


A Pull-Out Cutting Board

Photo via www.dolynachess.org

Add a cutting board to one of your kitchen drawers to improve workflow.


An Over-the-Fridge Snack Caddy

Photo via www.patrasevents.gr

This is something that you can easily do yourself. Roll up your sleeves and sew it up!


The Cable Name Tags

Photo via www.lushome.com

With cables it can get pretty messy that you can’t say which one is for which. But with these adorable name tags that problem will be solved.


An Over-the-Faucet Shelf

Photo via www.odome.com.ua

Store your toiletries in this genius space-saving shelf.


Magnetic Stickers

Photo via www.ribalych.ru

These will keep your everyday grooming tools organized and right on-display. And they are cute too!


An Over-The-Sink Cutting Board

Photo via www.fishki.net

Here’s another practical feature for your kitchen.


A Slide-Out Pantry

Photo via www.myazhar.blogspot.com

Use the most of the space in your kitchen with a slide-out pantry like this one.


A Shower Curtain With Pockets

Photo via www.usobv.com

Here’s another practical thing for smaller bathrooms.


A Folding Laundry Basket

Photo via www.jdorganizer.blogspot.com

A regular laundry basket will just take up space when you don’t need it, but that’s not the case with this one.