18 Modern Pergola Designs For Your Garden

Hello and welcome to the beautiful world of pergolas. If you are a lover of these extraordinary outdoor structures, then you are in the right place. Today we have prepared 18 extraordinary modern pergola designs for you.

Pergolas are beautiful garden features that everybody would love to have in their garden. They are actually a type of gazebos and can be built as an extension of the house or as detached, separated structures. When detached, they serve as an amazing centerpiece in the garden. Pergolas form an amazingly shaded sitting area. With the right furniture and lighting this is the right place to be during any part of the day. If you want to hide from the sun in the hot summer days, you can cover your pergola with some nice fabric, or add some curtains which is also an amazing decoration. As for the nights, this space is even more magical to sit in. That’s right! With the suitable lighting, the pergola is the perfect place for night gatherings and romantic dinners. You can add candles, lamps, hanging lights, torches, whatever you prefer and the effect will be great.

The pergolas are a great place for sitting with your friends and family, drinking coffee. You can also use them as an outside dining area and if there is enough space you can even place an outside kitchen here. They are a great place for a party too. They are simply the best thing that can happen to your garden.

If you have a big backyard and if you are looking for ideas on how to decorate it, this is definitely something you should consider. Add a pergola to your garden and create a perfect place for relaxation and enjoyment. Plus they are not that hard to build. If you want to add a modern and elegant touch to your yard, take a look at these beautiful modern pergola designs and choose the perfect one for you.


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