18 Ideas For Terrarium Decoration Ideas To Fall In Love With

Terrariums are very popular indoor decoration items especially in winter because they bring the nature and the greenery in your home. They are enclosed clear glass or plastic containers that contain small plants and represent a really creative way to display plants in your home that do not require much maintenance. Although the enchanting terrarium plants are very small and miniature, they can be a truly original idea for your interior. Green and fresh, they can make a complete transformation in your ordinary house arrangement.

The terrarium can be a fascinating piece of art for your home decoration. The beautiful terrariums are truly unique. They fit in any space big or small, and are often used as visible and central accents in an interior that can leave a great impression with your visitors. Create a beautiful and inventive corner in your home with these mini terrarium plants, cacti or durable green plants in combination with sand and millstones, natural sea shells, green reindeer moss, and small white stones. You might find some unique glass vessels in unconventional form, for example oval or some more creative glass containers. Here we have a collection of 18 ideas for terrarium decoration ideas to fall in love with. Enjoy!


These terrariums in margarita glasses are unique and festive.

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Green plants, stones and wood. Perfect combination for perfect decoration.

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Use an old jar to make a terrarium inside.

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Round globe terrarium always looks pretty and brings a dose of elegance in the interior design.

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Do you have any cool shells hanging around from past vacations? Put them to use in a pretty terrarium just like this.

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Put a terrarium under your lamp for unique look that will change completely the appearance of the interior.

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Make a round globe terrarium for a stylish and well decorated home.

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You’ll simply need air plants and a few little glass bowls.  Just put your plant into the glass bowl or a jar and as an option add some pretty tags and your cute little terrariums are ready.

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A hanging terrarium like this is always an amazing option and very creative indoor decoration. It is simple and sweet!

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Use an old light bulb to create a miniature terrarium inside. Very interesting option and inventive DIY project.

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Make a small garden decoration in your home with this combination of planted flowers and terrarium in oval shaped glass containers.

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Attractive glass terrarium that features the theme Alice in Wonderland. Cute and adorable for your kid’s room decoration.

Photo via www.desertgirlsvintage.blogspot.mk


Greenery is always a good option for indoor decoration especially in glass containers. The terrarium features a desert theme with a cacti, another green plant and rocks, and in the other two glass containers there are some pieces of additional greenery in water.

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Cut a glass cup and plant inside a small succulent and a decorative shell.

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The unique fruit shaped terrariums are complimented by natural sea shells, unique low maintenance air plants, green reindeer moss, and small white rocks!

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Amazing and cute indoor decoration.

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Beautiful, unique combination of stones in different shapes and dimensions and some green leaves. The butterfly just intensify the whole look.

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You might find some unique glass vessels in unconventional form, and decide to make a terrarium inside it.

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