18 Extremely Elegant Glass Countertop Ideas For Your Kitchen

Concrete, granite, marble, or glass, these ideas for new kitchen countertops will simply inspire you cooking or at least spending more time in the kitchen and will make you wish to learn how to prepare the best meals. Modern and stylish glass countertops are a brilliant way to improve the look of your kitchen. They are eye catching and very cool. First and foremost, a kitchen countertop needs to be functional and durable. You have to know that you can chop, cut, and place food and drinks on a countertop, and whether it will stain, or leave a mark or a nick. If you decide to incorporate a glass countertop in the kitchen you will be able to do all of these things and plus, it will completely transform the look of your kitchen leaving you with a kitchen that offers extreme elegance and enjoyment.

The photo gallery below offers 18 extremely elegant glass countertop ideas for your kitchen that will surely change your mind if you have decided to choose a countertop of another material. Take a look and enjoy the view!

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  • Glass through which refracts natural or artificial light provides playfulness and dynamism to any room. Therefore, the use of glass in the kitchen as a material for the countertops revives the space.
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  • Glass has a sleek, streamlined appearance, and can be customized with many different color options. It can also be cut into any shape and texture. Like concrete, you can add artistic inlays for a highly personalized look. It’s also a very durable material if it is thick and sound.
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  • Glass is easy to clean and maintain. Because it’s able to withstand high heat, glass won’t crack or scorch. Transparency, diversity of shapes and colors make it applicable in all styles of design makes the glass to be irresistible decorative element that makes the area special and visually more spacious. Easy maintenance and the irreplaceable beauty of unique shapes, then the smooth and glossy finish of the countertop is adorable and unthinkable if you use some other material. Anyone who enters your kitchen would not be able to take his eyes off your kitchen countertop.
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