17 Incredibly Useful DIY Projects With PVC Pipes

PVC pipes are not only for waterways, you can also use them to make some incredibly useful DIY projects. Some of these PVC pipe projects include a PVC pipe sunburst mirror, wine storage, toothbrush holders, flower vases, wall decorative detail, etc. These DIY ideas will help you stay organized and decorate your home in a new and unique way. PVC pipes are perfect to be used as an organizing material because they are inexpensive. In some cases you might even have some leftover you can repurpose. They come in different sizes, and can be cut certain length to suit your organizing needs. There are many creative ideas for projects that use PVC pipes and here we have 17 incredibly useful DIY projects with PVC pipes. Enjoy!

1. Patio Table Centerpiece

  • Perfect patio table centerpiece you can use as a serving station, planter and flower vase to decorate with flowers.
Photo via www.diycozyhome.com


2. Desk Organizer

  • Use PVC pipes to make a colorful budget friendly desk organizer.
Photo via www.viralno.bg


3. DIY Shoe Storage

  • Very creative and a nice space saving shoe storage idea.
Photo via www.homestoriesatoz.com


4. Wall PVC Pipe Shelves

  • Use the largest sized PVC pipes and cut them. The shape is just so interesting for a wall shelve and could give any room a modern touch.
Photo via www.dompelenpomyslow.pl


5. Creative Mirror 

  • This is an elegant and beautiful wall decor and an incredibly creative sunburst mirror from PVC pipes.
Photo via www.arquiteturaene.com.br


6. DIY Wall Decoration

  • Make a worthy wall artwork and a very beautiful, decorative detail for your home.
Photo via www.directobras.pt


7. PVC Pipe Vases

  • Make adorable PVC pipe vases that are a perfect centerpiece for your dining table. Glue some of your favorite photos on the pipes and this would be a really unique and personal detail for your home.
Photo via www.shelterness.com


8. PVC Pipe Partition

  • This PVC pipe partition looks super cool and unique in the bathroom.
Photo via www.inetrior.com


9. PVC Tape Holder

  • Use PVC pipes to make a tape holder.
Photo via www.lovethispic.com


10. DIY PVC Organizer

  • Cut a PVC pipe and use it for home organization.
Photo via www.sowderingabout.com


11. Craft Room Storage

  • Very creative craft room storage to turn chaos into order into your craft room.
Photo via www.images.huffingtonpost.com


12. PVC Pipe Toothbrush Holders

  • Pretty inventive way to organize your toothbrushes. These PVC pipe toothbrush holders can fit in every cabinet in the bathroom. Just add the initial of your kid’s first name and they will know which brush is theirs.
Photo via www.tipjunkie.com


13. Modern Wine Rack

  • This PVC modern wine rack has flexible design to fit inside any shelf or cabinet, or you can simply put it on the table as a table decoration to display your favorite collection of wines.
Photo via www.escuelacreativadepymesyemprendedores.blogspot.mk


14. DIY PVC Baby Organizer

  • Make a baby organizer using PVC pipes.
Photo via www.freshfidly.com


15. Pegboard Cubbyholes

  • PVC pipe also makes great sideways pegboard organizers. Cut short lengths of PVC pipe and slide them over pegboard hooks. Then load them up with files, hacksaw blades, zip ties, pencils…
Photo via www.colorsandjoy.com


16. DIY Pipe Planters

  • Make these cheap modern planters for your collection of succulents in the garden with a variety of shapes and sizes.
Photo via www.tipsted.com


17. Storage For Pens

  • Another craft storage idea, this time a great way to store your pens. Wrap a paper around each pipe to make this storage place one of the most pleasant in your craft room.
Photo via www.theownerbuildernetwork.co