16 DIY Lovely And Inexpensive Floating Shelf Ideas

Floating shelves are cute, easy to build and inexpensive. And they’re strong even though they have no visible supports. The only visible element is the shelf and in some cases a rope if you decide to create a shelf that is hanging. However, all of them appear to float on air, and they are very efficient in saving space, excellent storage solution and nice decoration for bare walls in the house. Take a look at the following 16 DIY lovely and inexpensive floating shelf ideas and include them in your interior design as well. Enjoy!

  • This is very fancy floating shelve and it is very easy to be made. You will only need a rope and a round wooden piece, where to display your flowers and succulents and make a fun but very beautiful corner decoration in your house.
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  • Place some small wooden shelves and create a nice vertical flower decoration. Arrange them in a descending order so as they look like a stair-steps. Creative and unique idea!
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  • Beautiful and unique corner shelves, and a great idea how to use effectively every inch in your house.
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  • Make a set of attractive wooden wall sconces from a single board. Then add LED candles, plants, or other decorations.
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  • Crates have already been mentioned as an option when it comes to shelving ideas. This time we propose to paint them in the inner part and make a colored shelving unit for your home. They can be very practical storage solution because they offer a space inside but also you can use the top of the crate and display your favorite flowers or books.
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  • Glass floating shelves look very elegant and sophisticated on the wall.
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  • Make a unique tree wall decoration in your kid’s room and add a few shelves to make an additional storage space for your kid’s toys.
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  • Floating shelves are a simple solution to add extra storage space on the walls while maintaining a clean, minimal look. They also add character to a blank wall and can be used to display framed pictures or some other decorative objects. Though it may look like the shelves are floating on air, there’s actually a hidden support piece that mounts the shelf.
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  • If you need a quick, distinctive display shelf just cut the supports from branches, screw on a shelf, attach it to the wall and you’ll get all natural original shelf in your home.
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  • Build a pretty wooden floating shelf for under the TV or anywhere you need one, and add a rustic style in the living room or any other room you decide to put it in.
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  • Floating shelves are both practical and stylish solution for the office. Opt for bright white units to keep the scheme modern. Give yourself more desk space with these practical and cute floating shelf units.
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  • Very simple floating shelves hanged with a rope on the wall make a decent storage space to display your favorite pictures, a plant, or another decoration.
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  • Dark shelves with natural wood will give your bare white wall a character and a total makeover.
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  • These books seem to float in mid air on your wall, while really they are mounted on unique shelves, invisibly attached to the wall with an included bracket.
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