15 Unique & Fancy DIY Fashion Projects

Hi fashionistas! Today I prepare for you same unique and fancy DIY fashion projects. These projects are very easy and they doesn’t require any special tailoring skills from you. Just follow our step-by-step tutorials, and you can make them on your own.

Whether you want to have some ripped or painted jeans, embellished shirt or sweatshirt, or maybe you want to change the look of your bag or your high heels, just take a look at our inspirations below, and it would be done. If you make some of them, you will have unique piece of cloth that you cannot find it in the store.

Check them out and choose which one you will try to do. Be unique. Be fancy.

1. Lovely Diy T-shirt

Photo via www.tabloid.az

2. Diy Mini Dress

Photo via www.indulgy.com


3. Diy Ripped Jeans

Photo via www.gossipsfashionweek.com


4. DIY Cut-Out Vented Button Down

Full tutorial: www.mrkate.com


5. Amazaing Diy Chain Necklace

Full tutorial: www.ispydiy.com


6. Diy Graphic T-shirt

Full tutorial: www.ispydiy.com


7. Diy Printed Jeans

Full tutorial: www.mintedstrawberry.blogspot.com


8. Diy Heels with Bows

Full tutorial: www.howtoinstructions.org


9.  DIY Bag with Jeweled 

Full tutorial: www.bustle.com


10. Diy Sequin Skirt

Photo via www.topinspired.com


11. Diy Zara Inspired Jacket

Full tutorial: www.mimigoodwin.blogspot.com


12. Diy Embroidered Sweater

Full tutorial: www.trinketsinbloom.com


13. Diy Gem Earrings

Photo via www.bijouxmabelle.com


14. Diy Sunglasses

Photo via www.galleryhip.com


15. Diy Painted T-shirt

Photo via www.rejigdesign.com