15 Modern Kitchen Feng Shui Desing Ideas For Creating Harmonious And Happy Cooking Area

The kitchen is the heart of the home, especially when it comes to Feng Shui. Feng Shui is all about finding harmony in life and filling the home with a positive flow of energy. Decorating according to Feng Shui makes a beautiful, clean, comfortable and harmonious house interior, where everything is in its certain place. Decorating your kitchen in Feng Shui is also a great idea because your cooking space is where you nurture and sustain your life by preparing meals. Feng Shui tips are very helpful if you want to create out of your kitchen a place with a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere, decluttered and personalized. The colors, the materials,  and neat organization, all these aspects are essential when decorating the kitchen according to Feng Shui. Follow all the recommendations and you will get a very modern and appealing kitchen interior design. Get inspiration form these 15 modern kitchen Feng Shui desing ideas for creating harmonious, healthy and happy cooking area. Follow the tips when decorating your kitchen. Enjoy!

  • It is very important for the kitchen to be clean and clear and to have enough space. Declutter the interior and get rid of every item you don’t use. This way you will have enough place for the dishes, kitchen appliances and utensils and the kitchen will be neat and clean always.
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  • The windows, walls and floor should also be clean, to be able to let the flow of positive energy.
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  • According to Feng Shui the ideal location of the kitchen, is far from the main entrance because it represents the belief that the kitchen cannot be seen from outdoors or from the entryway. In contrary the wealth that is concentrated around the kitchen can leave the house. Or, in case if the kitchen is positioned close to the front door, you need to keep the doors to the kitchen closed or decorated with curtains. In the situation when the kitchen is related with the dining area, you must separate the two rooms with partition wall design. Here you have many options. The most important is to try to stick to the rules that the Feng Shui promotes.
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  • Good lighting is essential for home interiors, including kitchens because according to Feng Shui, light is a synonym for masculinity, growth and health. That is why the kitchen should have good lighting natural and artificial.
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  • The cabinets in the kitchen should be closed, because Feng Shui doesn’t approve the idea for open shelving concept, because everything should be in place neat and clean.
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  • Feng Shui tips mix the five elements of nature fire, water, earth, metal and wood. It is considered that they bring wealth and well-being into the home. Cookers, ovens and grills are symbol for fire. Small aquarium, miniature fountain and containers with water can symbolize water. Tile designs for example brick or stone, represent the earth element. The metal element are represented by the modern kitchen appliances and the wood can be added to kitchen interior by including house plants, vases with fresh flowers, fruits or vegetables.
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  • According to Feng Shui the stove symbolizes prosperity, strength and unity of the family. That is why according to Feng Shui the best position for the stove is to be centrally positioned in the kitchen.
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  • When it comes to kitchen colors, the colors used mustn’t be bold and aggressive. Feng Shui recommends using neutral color shades like white, light grey and cream as colors of the walls. The natural brown color of the wooden elements, the green of the plants and soft blue color including turquoise are all approved colors according to Feng Shiu. All these colors if well combined can create a really pleasant and relaxing atmosphere in the kitchen. Orange, bright yellow, wine, pink and red colors are not recommendable Feng Shui central colors, but they are allowed to be present as accent colors.
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  • Another important tip is that all kitchen appliances must be functional which means that they must work. The place of the broken ones is not in the house and they must be removed, repaired or replaced. Everything in the kitchen must work well, as well as the lamps, and even all the utensils and furniture must be in an impeccable condition because this is the key for achieving that harmony the Feng Shui requires.
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  • Feng Shui prefers simple and flat ceilings instead of complicated architectural designs, or massive wooden beams. All these tips according to Feng Shui will help you keep the wealth and the harmony into your kitchen and altogether into your home interior design.
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