15 Great Ideas For Small Patio Design

Having a space outdoors to spend time with your family and friends or alone is more that desirable when all we need is chill and relaxation. There are always times when we simply need to take heed to the rustle of the leaves or different sounds surrounded by nature, or at least by the natural feeling we create in our outdoor area, while sitting and having fun enjoying the warmth of the sun, or the nice night weather. There are so many ways to make your backyard look beautiful even if it is small space and transform it into a space where we can enjoy and have all that mentioned above. Having a pool or pond it is a perfect choice but also a small garden would look great. Take a look at these 15 great ideas for small patio design, because they can help you find an idea how to make your own patio area in the backyard or even you can have it on your balcony, or terrace.


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You can also include a table and some chairs into the outdoor area and a big umbrella and make another perfect combination.

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Even if the space is small, the abundance of plants compliment the design every garden and can give it a whimsical feel and a very very refreshing feel where you can enjoy seating alone or in company with your loved ones.

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If you want you can also include a fireplace and gather around it to get warm when the weather is cold.

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Combine green and white for a fresh and inviting space that looks more spacious. The grass gives that fresh green color and you can further decorate with plenty of potted plants.

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A simple seating area with a few chairs or a comfortable sofa and a table is just enough and everything you need to have a cup of coffee outdoors, or even to gather your closest family for a lunch.

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