14 Rooftop Gardens With Great View

Last time we represent to you rooftop pools with panoramic view. Now, this article is about rooftop gardens. Roof is great place for gardening. The green plants that you will be growing on the balcony roof will grow fast. Roof is a warm place for growing plants. You could have a fresh salad for the summer in every time of the day. If you live in the last floor in the building this can be a hobby for you. Spend your extra time on something useful for you. Some psychologists thought that gardening will extend your life. So, have a garden and live long life. Include your family in your garden business.

This rooftop gardens are maintained in the urban society. They can’t succeed in a village. Also in a village there are no bulidings like this one. And you need to cover the roof of the building with green grass and plants. In this way you will get rooftop garden.

London sky garden is very popular and visited by many visitors. It offers great view to the city. Also, you could sit there and to order some refreshing drink. It is also called a public park where you could walk with hours. What a great place for visiting.¬†Inspire yourself with this spectacular rooftop gardens. Visit some of them or if you have a chance create a rooftop garden for your family. If you don’t have a chance for visiting some of these gardens or for your own rooftop garden, don’t despair.

Take a deep breathe and scroll down for 15 rooftop gardens with great view!


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