14 Cute And Stylish DIY Sneakers Makeover Ideas

Spring season is all about colors, liveliness and joy, so we apply this attitude towards everything, including our clothes. Our outfits become more colorful and light in the spring, and this is one of the reasons why spring is many people’s favorite season. Of course, our outfits are never complete without appropriate shoes. And when it comes to shoes, sneakers are everyone’s first choice. We spend most of our day in our shoes, especially if we are working, which is why they¬†must be comfortable. And there are no more comfortable shoes than sneakers, I’m sure we can all agree on that.

Unfortunately, we can’t always have the sneakers we want. Sometimes they are too expensive, or we can’t find the right size, or they simply don’t satisfy our taste. For these reasons, we have selected a few DIY projects for you, which will help you create your ideal sneakers. These projects are all very simple and easy to do, and they don’t require a lot of time and money. All you need is a pair of sneakers that are a defined color that is easy to color, such as white, blue or another bright color, or if you prefer darker colors, you can always pick black, grey or any other color of your liking. Then, the next step is to choose the design you like and start working. Depending on the design you chose, there are various materials that you might need, such as sharpies, paint, some patterned fabric and/or glue.

You can use the pictures below as inspiration, but you have the freedom to experiment all you want. All that’s left is for you to pick whatever design you want, start working and end up with the coolest, cutest, most original sneakers!

DIY Herringbone Sneakers

Photo via www.allforfashiondesign.com

DIY Sharpie Doodle Sneakers

Photo via www.dandeliondrift.com

DIY Sharpie Tie Dye Sneakers

Photo via www.wonderfuldiy.com

DIY Painted Sneakers With Circles

Photo via www.abeautifulmess.com

DIY Floral Printed Sneakers

Photo via www.topdreamer.com

DIY Patterned Sneakers

Photo via www.trusper.com

DIY Tribal Sneakers

Photo via www.dreamalittlebigger.com

DIY Studded Sneakers

Photo via www.missliterati.com

DIY Ombre Sneakers

Photo via www.inspirationluv.com

DIY Printed Sneakers

Photo via www.fashiondivadesign.com

DIY Floral Fabric Converse

Photo via www.nossomosmoda.com

DIY Galaxy Sneakers

Photo via www.stylesweekly.com

DIY Floral Sneakers

Photo via www.pinterest.com

DIY Lace Sneakers

Photo via www.sprinklesinsprings.com