14 Creative DIY Ideas To Light Up Your Backyard

Make your backyard look stunning with some creative lighting ideas. You can use them for a party you organize outdoors, or just to light up the area to spend some time outdoors at night because almost all of us dream to add some glow and twinkle to the backyard where we can create some lifetime memories with our loved ones. Take a look at the following 14 creative DIY ideas to light up your backyard and draw some inspiration for your backyard.

1. Glass candle lantern

Use an old tuna can and glass containers of various shapes and sizes to create outdoor lanterns. Put candles inside and enjoy.

Photo via www.lightersideofrealestate.com


2. Lantern on a tree branch

Put an old rustic lantern on a tree branch in your garden and get a unique and creative lighting for the garden at night.

Photo via www.mobelsdekoration.com


3. Ice candle lanterns

These ice candle lanterns are absolutely gorgeous. The only thing you need to do is to fill a container with water, add food coloring and freeze it in the fridge. If the temperature is below freezing, you can freeze the lanterns outdoors. After ready use them as a nice front yard decoration.

Photo via www.craftiments.com


4. Hanging succulent chandelier

Put the candles in old mason jars and all together put them among succulent pots on a hanging pot rack to get a subtle glow at night.

Photo via www.positivr.fr


5. Chandelier with solar lights

Just replace the bulbs in an old chandelier with solar lights. No electricity needed to light up the patio.

Photo via www.awesomeinventions.com


6. Outdoor chandelier

This is another great example how to transform an indoor chandelier into backyard decor and lighting option for nighttime using solar lamps.

Photo via www.homesthetics.net


7. Wine glass lamps

Put these little lampshades on wine glasses to create a romantic atmosphere for a dinner outdoors.

Photo via www.feber.se


8. Jar lanterns

The only thing you need to do is to create little wire hangers for your jars and hang them on the railing or balcony.

Photo via www.thetoc.gr


9. Seashell lighting

Seashell candles look gorgeous and romantic as outdoor decoration.

Photo via www.notey.com


10. Sprayed paper lanterns

Spray white paper lanterns with watercolor paint to add some color to your outdoor decor.

Photo via www.architecturendesign.net


11. Hanging tea lights

Hang tea lights from a tree with colorful ribbons and pretty bows for another beautiful and creative outdoor decoration.

Photo via www.trusper.com


12. Cupcake liners

Cupcake liners can also be used to make a sweet decor for a party outdoors.

Photo via www.mycreationandinspiration.blogspot.mk


13. Old wine bottle torch

Turn old wine bottles into snazzy torches using only some basic hardware and a wick.

Photo via www.positivr.fr


14. Old basket lantern

Turn an basket in beautiful lighting with a simple chain and light.

Photo via www.womansliving.com