13 DIY Smart Ideas How To Reuse The Old Window For Your Home Decor

Here in this post you could find many ideas about that what you can do with an old window. If you have changed the windows in your house and replaced them with PVC, here are perfect ideas for the old windows that you don’t need anymore. Take a look in the following images to find some inspiration. We share¬†13 DIY ideas how to reuse the old window for your home decor, your task is to take a glimpse.

1. DIY wall mirror made of old reused window;

Ideal mirror for the wall decor. Take a glimpse.

Photo via www.funkyjunkinteriors.net

2. DIY reused window for wall summer decor;

Summer is here, so do it yourself some summer decoration. Find inspiration.

Photo via www.yourahome.com

3. DIY decor for the sleeping room;

Make a picture frame for your bedroom.

Photo via www.freshdesignpedia.com

4. DIY chandelier made of reused old window;

What an interesting and cheap chandelier for your room. Take a look.

Photo via www.pooyingnaka.com

5. Perfect frame made of reused old window;

Perfect frame made of old window that will combine perfectly with your romantic candles.

Photo via www.remodelaholic.com

6. DIY old window reused for gardening;

Hang some planters on your old window. Reuse it the window for gardening.

Photo via www.deco.logodesignstudio.com

7. DIY old window accessories holder;

Perfect place for the thing that you wear every day. Organize it.

Photo via www.lifelovelarson.com

8. DIY old window coffee table;

Coffee table for your after work coffee. Easy and cheap decor.

Photo via www.browseblogs.com

9. DIY old window organizer;

Organize your working days of the week.

Photo via www.mysocalledcraftylife.com

10. DIY old window mosaic picture;

Mosaic pictures for classy people like you.

Photo via www.windowglassnitiv.blogspot.mk

11. DIY old window quotes for wedding or other celebrations;

Write something on the old window glass.

Photo via www.thevinylexpress.com

12. DIY reused old window for creating a memories holder;

Put some of the great pictures that you love it, just on the old window.

Photo via www.attemptsatdomestication.com

13, DIY old window for storage at some decorative elements.

Smart ideas how to reuse the old window. Be smart.

Photo via www.porch.com