10 Tricks and Techniques to Make Your Room Look More Spacious

Hello friends with tiny house. Having a tiny house means that you may have problem with the storage. Save space in your home by using our tricks. Here are very useful information for you and your tiny house. Here is some list of useful ideas about your tiny house.

Take a look in 10 tricks and techniques about saving space in your tiny house! Find and save useful tricks for your tiny house. Here is what you need to do. Make sure that everything is in it’s proper place. Our examples in images are the best choice for you.

1.First image is that you need hang the curtains very high;

Try this idea for your house and tell us about the results. Leave in a comment opinion about this.

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2. The second image is that a board for your fridge magnet;

You need clean fridge. Your magnet signs or letters may be added on the wall.

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3. Light colored vertical wallpaper instead of horizontal lines on the wall;

With vertical lines on the wall your room looks bigger.

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4. Choose a wide carpet for your bedroom place;

This is the best thing for your sleeping room.

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5. Save space in your tiny house by using shoe racks;

Shoe racks are needed for every house.

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6. A magnet board for your favorite cosmetics;

Organize your cosmetic things.

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7. Choose towels in the same color for your bathroom;

Organize your bathroom place.

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8. Glass furniture and furniture with feet;

Try this for your living room.

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9. Avoid to add hanging chandelier and add LED lighting on the ceiling;

Bring the light in your house.

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10. Choose the best carpet for your living room place set furniture.

This is the last idea for today. Thanks for your attention, my lovely readers.

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