10 Simple Home Decor Ideas for the Scorching Summer

The one thing that makes us love the summer season is the pastel hues, cheerful prints, and fresh décor. Decorating a home in the summer is fun, and it’s a great excuse to update your home décor. The key to a summer makeover is sheer fabrics, deep colors, and even a touch of coastal-inspired decor. You can either modernize your home for the season with just a few accessories, or you can go all out with great accessories – like adding stunning outdoor dining set for the family to gather!

A round-up of all these summer decor ideas will give your home a bright and sunny look you’ll love and enjoy every moment within. Spacejoy believes that the summer season is the perfect time to give your home a refreshing facelift, so don’t hesitate to go from bold colors to splashy prints. Plus, this season is the right time to entertain near and dear ones, and the addition of these summer decorating ideas is simply perfect for impressing guests at your next warm-weather gathering. 

The decor is nothing but what embellishes our spaces! A bright rug at the entryway can be so welcoming; a light hue wall hanging can bring back memories by adding character to space, even tiny seashells displayed on the coffee table – you’ve collected from your trips around the world can bring so much color to your living space during summer. Infuse color, life, and freshness into what you see around, and they will magically transform any room in your home. If you want to bring in a unique touch to space – kaleidoscopic love seats, bright-colored rugs, cane, or wicker baskets strewed around to hold odds and ends are some of the summer room ideas that will brighten up every corner of your living or bedroom. 

Remember, summer is all about hues that make you feel comfortable. Summer homes are meant to be chic and relaxing. Light color palettes, no-fuss furniture, and beachy designs are just a few elements you can begin to rely on to craft an inviting summer home.

So, bring the tints and feelings of summertime into your home with these home décor ideas:

Bring in the florals: Floral decor never goes out of style, no matter which seasons your in. If you’ve been considering incorporating this classic look into your home, the summer season is the perfect time to leap. From floral wallpaper to throw pillows, it’s very easy to add a pop of nature to any room. Invigorating colors, a mix of patterns and flowers everywhere—real, painted, and printed can make the living room cheerful, bright, and playful. All you need to do is focus on pulsing colors and floral arrangements, and don’t forget to also give your home a green touch by adding a lot of greenery.  

Colorful & Fresh Wallpaper: Summer-themed wallpaper is exactly what a room needs if you want it to be bright, fresh, and welcoming. In recent times, wallpaper is making a comeback, and there are many appealing natural prints that you can use in combination with flowers and light colors. Instead of bringing to life an accent wall, try wallpaper – it is reasonable and has quite a range of choices. Add wallpaper behind the sofa or on the wall leading to the hallway; try out something bold for the summer!

Outdoor seats and tables: Don’t we all love summer entertaining? Choose a comfortable outdoor seating set that encourages conversation and lingering. Bright in those outdoor pillows and throws for chilly summer nights. If you’re creating a space that ties your indoor decor to the outdoors, choose accessories that blend into the color palette you already have in the interiors of your home. Adding a patio or a dining table in the garden are also perfect summer ideas to implement this season.

Bring in the beach theme décor:  Love the beach? Well then, beach-inspired patterns and colors are perfect for summer decorating. Even if you aren’t embracing a full coastal theme in your home for the summer, you can add touches of the coastal style to any room when you work within your color palette and prints.

Focus on your throws: DIY decorative pillows and throws can accentuate the summer theme home decor. Cheerful pillows, sheers, and slipcovers are an easy way to lighten the mood of your rooms during the summer months. Arrange floor pillows for a casual seating area – it can either be on the floor or a love seat or sectional.

Mantel: You won’t be needing the fireplace for the next couple of months, so make the best use of the spot above the mantel, which is begging for a piece of art or decor. This summer, choose a floral canvas with plenty of texture to instantly add dimension to a room.

Bring in Natural Furniture: Natural furniture is the perfect summer décor idea to not only balance modern and traditional style but also make the surrounding feel light, cozy and cool. Opt for wicker pendants, accent chairs, and coffee tables.

Brighten your space: Rich and deep tones suit cold weather months but the summer season calls for a variety of whites, pastels, and brights, so ensure that these colors are brought to space. While you probably won’t be running out to buy new upholstered furniture, you can bring in cheerful pillows, sheers, and slipcovers as an easy way to lighten the mood of your rooms.

Make the windows a focal point: Don’t you want to enjoy the summer breeze. Keep the windows bright and bare to allow the natural light to come in. Use short-length curtains made up of soft and natural fabrics, tie them to the corner, and they will give an elegant look to your windows.

Whip out Something Lighter: Clear your beds by putting away those huge piled pillows and blankets that make you feel cozy and warm during the winter season. Make your beds and sectional lighter and easy by giving them a summer touch. Use some floral-print bed sheets and covers in cute summer colors, and of course, stick to natural fabric like cotton to keep your room comfortable, cool, and bright.