10 Destinations Where Kayaking Is More Enjoyable


It may be that you just had your first Kayaking class for beginners, and all went well. You have made giant strides by also acquiring the necessary kits. That’s a sign that you are serious. But even with the best kayaking gear and training you have had, you still need to find a suitable spot for Kayaking.

That’s what will make you enjoy this outdoor activity. So, in this post, you will learn about the top 10 destinations that are awesome for kayaking.

1.    Maldives

Everything about the Maldives makes it ideal for kayaking and other outdoor activities. It has crystal clear waters with white sandy beaches.  Get ready to glide the calm and gorgeous ocean. You can even rent a water sports facility for kayaking if you don’t have one.

2.    Menorca

Menorca is a kayaking destination in Spain, with impressive water bodies that will tempt you to kayak. This tiny island is also surrounded by over 120 bright and light blue beaches that are, no doubt, inviting. And besides kayaking, outdoor activities such as swimming and canoeing are popular in the area.

3.    Fijian Island

Fiji combines over 300 islands, coral gardens, coral gardens, and crystal clear beaches to become one of the most sorted after destinations for kayaking and a host of outdoor activities. You will be tempted to step out of your boat to get wet in the colorful water bodies in this remarkable paddler’s paradise.

4.    Halong Bay

The Halong Bay is one of the fun destinations that pull many tourists from different parts of the world to Vietnam. Paddlers also move in their numbers to this paradise. And don’t forget to explore the lagoons and hidden caves when you visit this destination.

5.    Dalmatian Coast

The Dalmatian Coast ranks among the beautiful spots in Croatia and Europe to be precise. It is also home to avid paddlers, as hundreds of them visit this area on an annual basis. You can visit during the summer period to bath in the scorching summer weather. There are also tons of coves and water bodies that you can explore. Plus the crystal clear water makes kayaking more engaging.

6.    Baja Peninsula

South of California is the Baja Peninsula, home of sea lions, whales and dolphins. Besides having diverse sea creatures, the Baja Peninsula located in Mexico is the second longest in the entire world. It is rated as a highly sorted after destinations for kayaking. You can also join the regular tour offered in this area to catch a glimpse of the grey and blue whales. What a sight to behold.

7.    Hebrides

The Hebrides, Scotland is a suitable place for paddlers, whether you are a beginner or expert. It’s a bit cold, and you also would encounter little human activity in this area, irrespective of when you visit. The clear water and calmness of the environment make it ideal for paddlers looking for a quiet environment to enjoy.

8.    Whitsunday Islands

Filled with dolphins, coral reefs and turtles, the Whitsunday Islands located in the east coast of Australia rank as one of the top destinations for kayaking. The white sand beaches and crystal clear waters near this island make it a must-see destination for individuals looking to interact with nature.  Experienced kayaking folks can rent complete kits to engage in their beloved water activity without hesitation.

9.    Blue River

The Blue River’s is a place you will enjoy spending your vacation. Besides the crystal clear waters, another thing that makes this destination a must-see is its uniqueness. You will experience more mosquitoes during the summer season. However, the dry and cold summer season is usually the best to visit.

10.    Patagonia

With icy glaciers, soaring mountain peaks and beautiful lakes, Patagonia is undoubtedly a landscape that will make you feel energized to paddle. It is one of Chile’s most beautiful destinations when it comes to adventure and side attractions. And don’t forget to embark on a kayaking trip to Glacier Grey, a unique glacier in this area.


These spots are great for men and women interested in kayaking. If you are a female looking for the best kayak or any other related accessories, check out https://dream-guides.com/kayak/best-women.

All spots mentioned above have crystal clear water bodies that will persuade you to paddle anytime. You will also enjoy your stay in these locations. You will find some of the best restaurants and other outdoor activities that will give you thousands of reasons to extend your stay.