10 Cute and Stylish DIY Sneakers Makeover Ideas: 2018 Trends

Women spend most of their time on shoes. Sneakers are always every woman’s favorite. If you are looking to stay stylish without spending a lot of money on shoes, find out some of the most trending and cute DIY sneakers makeover ideas for 2018.

In the fast-paced world that we live in, it’s not easy to always get the things that we want or to accomplish things without an assistant. That’s why you may hear even students ask, who can help me get my homework done? Similarly, when you go shopping for new shoes, you may realize that they are expensive than you thought or simply not matching your style. However, this does not mean you should stop looking. As a woman of style that is keen on the latest sneaker trends, there are DIY tricks that can help you achieve your desired sneakers makeover. What’s more, you can do this without overspending. One of the key benefits of these DIY ideas is that they do not require expertise.


This article discusses up to 10 cute and stylish DIY ideas to help you customize your ideal sneakers for 2018. These ideas are simple to implement and cost-effective in terms of money and time. They can work on a wide range of sneakers as long as they are of defined colors. However, lighter colors are the best. Based on the particular materials of the sneakers and the designs that you want, you also need patterned fabrics or pack of floral patterns, acrylic paint or sharpies, fabric adhesive and a small cutting tool. When I need someone to help with schoolwork, I pay someone to do my homework. Similarly, you can seek the help of a friend or an artist if unable to create some of these designs.

Nevertheless, here are some of the top stylish and trending DIY sneakers makeover ideas for 2018.

  • DIY Herringbone Sneakers

To create this impressive design, you need a fabric marker, fabric paint and an optional masking tape. Draw geometric or herringbone patterns using a fabric marker. Cover the front, sides and back of the shoes while leaving out the sections where laces are inserted. Paint the section that was left out with a matching color.

  • DIY Sharpie Tie Dye Sneakers

All you need is sharpie markers, medicine dropper and rubbing alcohol. Start by removing the laces then, using sharpie markers with different colors, draw designs to cover the entire sneakers. Add drops of rubbing alcohol onto the created designs and watch the colors spread out across the canvas just like tie and dye.

  • DIY Painted Sneakers with Circles

Making DIY painted sneakers with circles is quite easy. Simply use acrylic paint or sharpies to draw small, medium or large sized circles throughout the shoes. You can choose just one conspicuous color or a combination of circles. Another way to do this is by painting the shoes with a uniform color of acrylic paint first then drawing the circles using fabric markers.

  • DIY Sharpie Doodle Sneakers

Choose the patterns to recreate on your sneakers like stars, swirls, hearts and flowers and carefully scribble them all over using a different sharpie for each. Using a masking tape, cover the areas between the patterns that you want to remain plain. However, the imperfect look is still stylish. Sharpies usually bleed but you can use drops of rubbing alcohol to overlap the patterns.

  • DIY Floral Printed Sneakers

All you need is a pack of floral patterns that can be obtained online. You also need an iron transfer paper, iron and scissors. Print the desired floral patterns onto the iron paper then cut into smaller pieces based on where you want them to appear on the shoes. Iron the papers onto the shoes to transfer the floral prints.

  • DIY Tribal Sneakers

After removing the laces, use a pencil to scribble abstract patterns all over the sneakers. Using fabric markers of different colors, repeat the scribbled patterns to create a tribal design.

  • DIY Patterned Sneakers

Start by testing out your ideal patterns on a piece of paper. Using multi-colored fabric markers, recreate those patterns on the canvas. This is something that you can do all by yourself.

  • DIY Studded Sneakers

All you need is brass spikes, glue and sneakers of any color. Place a little glue onto the side of the spikes that will be attached to the canvas to hold them in place, one at a time. Press the spikes onto the parts of the shoes where you want them horizontally, leaving out the sole. Hold the spike onto the canvas for a few seconds to allow the glue to stick.

  • DIY Lace Sneakers

You will require a piece of lace fabric, fabric adhesive and scissors. Remove the laces then apply the adhesive onto the sneakers evenly all over the areas where you want the laced design. Carefully place the lace and hold until it sticks onto the shoes. Using scissors cut out all the excess while tightly pressing the edges.

  • Floral Fabric Canvas

This is also similar to DIY lace sneakers. After removing the laces, spread glue onto the sections of the shoes where you need the design. Place the floral fabric onto the canvas and hold for a few seconds, making sure that it lies flat. Remove the excesses using scissors or cutter before re-lacing.

Everybody wants to be seen with stylish and cute sneakers. These sneakers makeover ideas will undoubtedly enable you to easily and affordably recondition the canvas lying in your closet into unique works of art that elevates your style. If unable to do the job yourself, ask friends to help you with the project.