What To Do When You Have Spilled Your Nail Polish Everywhere?

Nail polish is an amazing cosmetic product. Within seconds they make the dull fingernails and toenails look attractive. However, when you decide to do manicure at home, you have to be extra careful. You have to remain smudge free after applying it on your nails, because if a cloth or something else touches your nails when the nail paint is still wet, it can be difficult for you to clean it. And what if the nail polish spill on your floor or sheet or any wooden material? Can it be cleaned? Yes. Let us try to understand how we can clean spilled nail paint.


Try to clean it while it is still wet

The freshly spilled nail paint is comparatively easy to clean. Sprinkle some sugar or salt on it. Crystals of these materials will absorb the wet nail polish. Wait for some time and gather the crystals. One must not use vacuum cleaner to collect this as the mixture of sugar or salt and polish can choke the machine.

However, if the polish is spilled in large amounts or is dried off, then you have to follow some other methods.

On clothing

  • If the polish is spilled on the clothing and is wet, just rotate the cloth and try to blot the spill with the help of tissue paper. Do not make use of the tissue paper directly on the area as it will cause more smudging.
  • If the polish is dried off, then put an ice cube on the spot, so that the polish becomes brittle. Try and scrub away the polish as much as possible. You can use the regular washing procedure in order to remove the stain.
  • If one of your nail polish bottles spills on a natural fabric like cotton or linen, take a number of tissue papers and place their layer under the stain. After that wipe the polish by using white cloth dipped in nail polish remover which does not contain any fragrance or moisturizer and appears transparent. Otherwise, you will have to deal with another stain made by this remover. Then, rinse the spot immediately.
  • If the polish is spilled over synthetic fabric, it is better to get the piece of cloth dry cleaned as the process which you can use on natural fabrics may damage these types of fabrics.

On wood

You may think of using the nail polish remover to clean the spill on the wood. However, it is important to note that the remover can shamble the finishing of the wood. So, never use remover. Take some tissue papers and place them on the spill for 15-20 seconds, not more than that. Some amount of spill will be wiped off through this. Then, take some alcohol and rub it on the remaining stain and wipe off with a clean cloth. Repeat the procedure of rubbing until the stain is cleaned completely.

On floors

What if you find an empty nail polish bottle lying on your wooden, vinyl or laminate floor, spilling the entire content on it? Do not get panic. Try and wipe off the spill as much as possible with tissue paper carefully. If the stain remains, then spray some alcohol on it and wipe it quickly with clean cloth. Keep on repeating the process until the stain is gone.

If the nail polish is spread on ceramic or cement floor, while it is still wet blot it with a tissue paper for a few seconds and take off the paper. Then clean the stain with nail polish remover once the area is dried.

On carpet

If the nail polish is spilled on a white or light-colored carpet, then you have to be extra careful of re-staining. Make use of transparent acetone, but do not pour it directly on the spot. Take a clean white cloth and dip into acetone. Then dab at the spill using this cloth. Keep on rotating the cloth in order to avoid re-staining. Once the stain is gone, wipe the area with damp white cloth, so acetone will be removed.

If the polish is spilled on colored carpet, you cannot use acetone as it can spoil the color. So, it is better to follow the above procedure by making use of alcohol instead of acetone.

These are the processes you can use to remove spilled nail polish from clothes, wooden or hard surfaces and carpets. The basic things you have to remember are not to rub the spot and use a cleaning agent that does not contain fragrance or moisturizer and is transparent.