Weirdest Fashion Trends of 2018

Bold and Beautiful

2018 has been a strange time, there is no getting around that. There is so much turbulence going on right now that it is only natural that it would start to reflect in other areas and aspects of human industry and interests as well. One of the most profoundly affected by today’s chaos is the fashion industry. In a time and generation where no one is truly sure of their identity, you can bet there are lots of plain weird fashion trends that similarly feel like they have no place.

Whether you are upset about the current political administration, or concerned about the direction our planet and species are going as a whole, there is plenty to worry about in 2018. Less worrisome and more hilarious, we decided to help you alleviate that stress by putting together some of the weirdest fashion trends of 2018:

Fake News Jeans – That is correct. You read that right. Fake news has become a phenomenon and topic that is being discussed all over the web right now. The current zeitgeist around fake news has made a big impact, and as such, Topshop put out a pair of jeans that has a red banner with “fake news” embroidered on the strip. An interesting design choice to say the least, it certainly speaks to the current climate of the times, which is a lot of chaos and confusion. Say what you want about Topshop, but they sold out of every pair of these jeans.

The Bra Handbag – While it has been a common trend ever since the invention of bras for women to store things in that space, 2018 finally brought this premise to full realization with the bra handbag. This bra is extra large, and features a zipper in the cup so that women can have some official extra storage that doesn’t have to snuggle up next to their more sensitive areas.

The Boy You Stole – Strange is kind of the standard when it comes to fashion, that is why designers that manage to blend art, social statements, and clothing tend to get the most recognition. Paolo Carzano leads the way in strange fashion. In Westminster, his finale titled, “The Boy You Stole” was a military ensemble that depicts the abuse of power.

Neck Wallet – Once, there was the purse, then the fanny pack, and finally, we have come to the neck wallet. People continue to pick the strangest places to store their belongings. One of the strangest to come forward in 2018 is the neck wallet. Worn like a Flavor Flav clock, these neck wallets are large, imposing, and only moderately practical. Other than quick access, there isn’t a whole lot to gain from wearing a wallet around your neck, other than some long, peculiar looks from passersby. You might want to leave this one off of your Christmas list.

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