Wedding Traditions Around the World

Weddings are such an exciting time, and one of the best things about weddings are the traditions that you can incorporate into your special day.

Wedding traditions help bring family and friends together, and add extra meaning as you incorporate your own special flair into the traditions you choose to use. While some traditions exist across many different cultures, other traditions are unique to different parts of the world.


The bride would often wears a bright red dress instead of the traditional white that is so often used in America. These dresses would cover all of the bride but the head, hands, and toes, and often the bride would change into other gowns throughout the night. In fact, weddings in China can be used as ways to demonstrate wealth, with fancy meals and elaborate dancing.


Summer is the most popular time for a wedding, as the summer daylight hours extend for into the traditional night. Brides in Sweden are accompanied by silver and gold coins from her parents that are in her shoes.

Traditionally, the wedding would involve a three-day-long feast of traditional Swedish foods. Swedish wedding sets were also very special, as a bride would receive three rings; one for engagement, and then two more when she was married, for her marriage and for pregnancy.


Moroccans enjoy even longer periods of celebration; as a Moroccan wedding traditionally lasts seven days. This would involve preparation for both parties in the beginning, and the couple would then get married on the fourth day. The party continued to the end of the week.

Wedding Ring Sets

Wearing your wedding sets together as husband and wife may be one tradition you’re especially looking forward. Wedding rings have been incorporated into weddings and marriages in a number of different regions and cultures.

Egyptians made rings from items like leather and bone, before later beginning to making rings from metal. Women wore these rings as a symbol of her claim to items her husband owned.

The Romans took a bit more romantic approach to wedding rings. Wedding rings existed both two show the wife had claim to her husband’s possession, but that she had unlocked his heart. In Asian countries, higher gold content in rings was considered good luck, but many western countries have wedding sets with lower amounts of gold.


Learning about other countries’ wedding traditions is a fun way to explore how weddings and marriage is celebrated across the globe while you plan your own special day.

From picking out food to deciding on your wedding rings for you and your partner, there is something special and exciting about making the decisions that will shape the rest of your life with your future spouse. Weddings are recognized around the world as monumental dates to bring families together to celebrate the love and commitment of the bride and groom.